Does non-power ride reference Total Ascent data?

It seems my Garmin Edge 530 has problems (many other users of this device have the same complaint) with recording the correct Total Ascent for my ride.
For example my friends Fenix 6 recorded total ascent of 1305m while my Edge 530 advises only 642m and I know 642m is way too low.
I have since enabled Elevation Corrections and for that ride it is now showing 1142m (which is closer to what I expect) but I’m wondering if Trainer Road takes into account this incorrect total ascent figure when calculating TSS for this ride? (TSS was calculated as 200) Appreciate any input - thanks!

Nope, Elevation won’t make a difference; TR only looks at your Heart Rate to calculate TSS if there’s no power meter Can I Use Heart Rate Data to Estimate Training Stress with TrainerRoad? – TrainerRoad

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thanks @HLaB -I’m going back elevation correcting all my MTB rides just to see the differences and some of them have increased significantly (nearly double)

When I did the Ken Laidlaw Borders Sportive, it was advertised as 3000m of climbing. After being soaked for 105miles (169km), I was a little disappointed to see my Garmin 800 had only recorded 3000ft (less than 1000m). I did the elevation correction thing and it was over 3000m though. Lol, round here in the flatlands if you use auto correct it the exact opposite and your elevation halves :joy: