Does it make sense to load casual rides done outside of plan?

I’m a very new rider and have really enjoyed the adaptive training. However, on my off day, I would go on some nice casual rides which would definitely fall under the recoveery category. I do track these for strava (of course). For something like this is there any positive or negative reason to upload these casual type of rides that are not part of the plan? I like the idea of uploading them, just to have all my rides listed, but since they aren’t real efforts, I’m not sure if it would alter the adaptive part and take down the efforts on my real training rides. Anyone know about this?

I do, but I don’t match them to planned workouts unless it’s an endurance ride AND i’m reasonably sure I didn’t hammer in threshold/V02 for long enough to make it matter.

So bring them in for overall TSS, but not for a zone other than Endurance.


I just have TR linked to my Garmin, so it uploads, I’m too lazy to do anything else.


I would uploaded them. not necessarily cause it will hurt or help the plan’s adaptations but because it’s good to have a comprehensive view of your training. You might find “wow I started getting really tired cause I didn’t realize I started doing a 1 hour “recovery” ride every day” or any other correlation that could be hard to see without all the info. Now if these are like <20min errand runs then you can probably ignore them.


Thanks all! Sounds like there’s no negative and possible some positives I hadn’t thought about. I appreciate all the responses and will just upload it all.

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