Do you apply new FTP test results regularly?

I’m following a periodized training program (triathlon) that requires testing every 4 weeks. I’m unsure whether each new FTP should be registered into TrainerRoad after every test, or if the FTP should stay the same throughout the season.

For example, if part of my plan over a season is to improve my ability to sustain a zone 5 effort from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, then wouldn’t changing my FTP in TrainerRoad make it difficult to achieve this goal if my “zone 5” keeps changing throughout the season?

I also did a fitness test in a lab at the start of the season where they provided my power and HR training zones (among other metrics). I’m also unsure whether it’s a good idea to replace my zones from the lab with zones from a field test (e.g., ramp test)

Generally you want to update every time you test.

It depends on the type of work you have been doing and the relative anaerobic contribution to your FTP that you have. The simple answer is that you’ll have to put out more power to get to Zone 5, but it may or may not be
“more difficult”.

The power zones should be relatively similar unless they are using something like the Carmichael zones. IMO I don’t worry too much about zones these days. It’s all a spectrum of physiological response, so it’s not like there are true hard boundaries between them. Just set your FTP correct, and adjust your VO2 workouts to match what makes sense and you are good to go :+1: