Do progression levels unwind if you take time off?

Recovering from surgery, have to take 6 weeks off the bike. I looked at my progression levels today and they seemed lower than a week ago right before I stopped training. Does AI adjust the progression levels to account for time off the bike ?

Short answer: yes.


They also adjust if you don’t target certain areas. For example - Your VO2 level is 7.0. If you do nothing but Endurance and Tempo for a few weeks, you’ll see that number creep down as you see Z2and3 creep up.

OK thanks. Not really important, I have no illusions about the loss of fitness over this time off. Will start back slowly, ramp test and then build up again.


Official PL support article:

Related sub section in the FAQ

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Some of these levels decline unrealistically fast IMO.

If I have a while with no sweetspot, my level will drop off fast from 10 to about a 6, but I have comfortably gone on to do not recommended level 11 or 12 workouts. Interested to know if decay is standard or athlete specific, but for me it’s just not realistic :man_shrugging:

I’m about to restart after 9 days of no riding due to a virus (not Covid).

Be interesting to see what the PLs are and I will also re-do a ramp test estimate using AT detection so will be really interesting to see how much the AI estimates my FTP has dropped (I’m gonna guess at about 15 watts (6% ish) in that time.

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So did the FTP detection ramp test today.

AI dropped my FTP to 298 (from 306) which is only about a 2.5% drop.

That’s less of a decay than I imagined. I wonder if I will find the workouts a struggle or not.

Only one way to find out :smiley: