Do people do workouts like "Sail"?

Most of the ‘failure to complete’ stopped sometime after the 2nd interval of the 3rd set. One stopped after the very first interval of the very first set. Smart lad.

And of course there are a couple riders where you can tell from the heart rate that they are stopping mid set…resting…then completing the set. But I call that a ‘completed workout’ just the same. Either way, there aren’t a great number of attempts that appear in the ride feed. Way less than 100. :smiley:

Interesting @Brennus
I’m usually ok at VO2 work and prefer it to threshold intervals on the trainer…or over/unders. Since I don’t have a high peak power the ones that really absolutely crush me are the ones that have spikes at 150-200% of FTP. Even if they’re short, for a guy that can’t make a ton of power I find them super hard. Repeats at 120-130% are usually ok? Keeps my brain more engaged I guess, at least inside? I may give this one a shot next time I’m either stuck indoors due to weather or needing to knock out a ride more efficiently.