Disc Caliper rubbing against Kickr Gen 1 - S-works SL6 Disc

Hey everyone! Anyone have this issue?
I have used my Kickr Gen 1 only with rim brake bikes in the past, then a BMC Road Machine at some point which didn’t have rubbing issue (or I haven’t noticed).

Now I’m on a Tarmac SL6 Disc and realized after a few rides that my caliper is rubbing against the plastic cover that houses the cadence sensor. When I took the cover off, the rubbing stops but the Kickr doesn’t function right. It just spins and spins and spins with no resistance whatsoever. Almost like stuck at its lowest resistance setting.

Anyone know a workaround?

m of no help witha work around, but you know that’s exactly what spawned the 2018 redesign, the only real substantive change was more clearance for disc calipers there. You might be in a pickle as far as that specific model goes. With the good pricing on the current editions, you might be able to sell the old one huh? or donate it to another user in the household? My Son and I both ride and he uses my 2017 with his MTB to good effect.

Just my .02…

Thanks for the response!
I actually found 2 workarounds.

First one’s switching rear rotor to 160mm. The adapter that raises the caliper raises it enough that the trainer doesn’t hit it anymore.

Second one’s shaving the plastic cover that hits the caliper down enough to leave a gap between it and the caliper.

I went with #2. Important to shave it down carefully so you don’t damage the speed sensor thingy behind it. The plastic is quite thick so there’s a lot to shave off so right now the caliper is comfortably away from the trainer with no rubbing! :+1:t2:

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Glad you found something that works. I hadn’t considered that the caliper adapter would raise it, my only disc bike is my gravel/cross bike and it doesn’t contact the cover even on my 16 model.