Dirty Reiver 2021

Anyone else doing it?
Anyone that’s done it before got any epic tales or inspiring stories from past events?

I have gotten a bit obsessed with the gravel scene this year and needed something to inspire me to keep up my training- so I contacted the organisers last week on the off chance of getting a cancellation.

Training wise, I’m coming back from a year off after two broken legs in 2020. First ramp test was 188 when I finally got back on the bike in April but am already back up to 307.

I’ve done more long rides than usual this time- I’ve really been enjoying the bike, so done a 6h MTB ride and a couple of 6h centuries as well as playing about with some long fasted rides.
I’m doing a block of tempo/SST work this month as am busy as work but will probably ramp the volume back up in August.

Weight is a sticking point- after losing a stone and a half quickly , I am finding a deficit hard now with my busy time at work plus all the training- so am stuck at 96kg.

Equipment wise- I have a new Diverge Comp Carbon coming so once it’s here I’ll start experimenting with bottles/tools etc but I fear with all the bosses and frame storage I’ll end up taking too much :rofl:
I’ll do some gravel on the stock 38 Pathfinder Pro’s in the meantime to see what I think but will probably get something wider prior to the event. Ideally I’ll borrow some wheels from someone so I can turn up with two options already set up.

I haven’t been this excited about an event for years :grinning:

I did it in 2019 on a £400 Wiggle own brand, steel framed cyclo-cross bike, with Sora groupset. I didn’t win😂 but I had a blast, no mechanicals and only fell off once, but the guys that were having the most fun seemed to be the fat bike crowd.

Puked up abit on the last hill, and the pub at the end hasn’t ordered in enough beer for several hundred thirsty cyclists, but other than that, it was a great experience and event!

I rode with a camelback rather than bottles, which worked well for me, and took a lot of food. It feels quite remote, so I also made sure I had enough spares and skills to limp to civilisation.

Have fun!

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That’s awesome thanks.

I rode the loop around the reservoir on my road bike on 25mm GP4000’s back in May so I got a bit of a feel for it :rofl:

Hey don’t knock Sora- I’ve got an 8 yr old Triban with it on (on Turbo duties now) and it still shifts all 27 gears flawlessly :rofl::rofl:

I think that’s what I love about gravel- it’s not really about the bike. Even though the dedicated bikes are drop dead gorgeous :heart_eyes:

My only race is gonna be to get back home to Berkshire by the next morning as I’ll have to work Friday and Sunday mornings :scream: :coffee: :eyes: