Direto X - Spindown Calibration

Hello Gang,

Reaching out to the community before calling support to make sure I am not the source of the problem here.

I am running a Direto X that’s about half a year old. I am not too happy with the oscillations in erg and the lag with powermatch and so I run resistance and have the power meter displayed separately on my head unit or Zwift, but so far it was an acceptable way of working out. Recently I noticed the power drifting and reading low compared to my power meter, about 20-30 watts near threshold. Tried to calibrate, but nothing changed. I noticed that the iOS app announced spindown complete while the freewheel was still spinning. Wouldn’t it usually wait for the freewheel to come to a rest?

Not certain on your trainer, but many will end the spindown calibration well before the wheel stops, so that’s not necessarily a sign of a problem.

If it’s anything like the Drivo, no it doesn’t come to complete halt on spin down but you shouln’t need to repeat this after first setup. Might be worth checking your drivetrain, a worn BB can screw up erg mode and power match.