Dimples on 2013 Trek Madone Fork


I’m looking at a 2013 Project One Trek Madone and noticed each fork had a dimple a few centimeters up from the drop-out, equal-distant on each fork. It’s a rim brake bike. Is this normal?

Thank you!

Since no one else has responded… I’d wager it’s normal. Having it be on both sides in the same exact position = by design.

I just saw this which may be relevant:
“ Look on the left side - there should be a matching one there too, as well as one on each side at the end of the end of the stays near the rear dropout (may have to look a bit for these). What I’m describing are vent holes, designed in so that during bladder molding all of the air that would be trapped during bladder expansion has an easy exit at what otherwise would be end of a dead-end tube.”

Thanks both. Trek confirmed they are supposed to be there.