Difficulty Levels - Bug?


Recently I have noticed that the difficulty levels of my past training sessions change all the time, I thought that difficulty levels of past training remained fixed ?
An example :
This is after my workout today (“Kid” was productive before the workout)
Then, I switch to career and I come back to calendar :
Then I close the app and I go back to calendar:

I don’t care it’s just a color changing on my screen, but is it normal or not?


It’s often best to email stuff like this directly to TR support.

Hey @Hugoyave!

It looks like you reached out to Support and Keagan is helping you out. Just in case others run into a similar thing, I am going to share his suggestion here:

The issue could be caused by some corrupt data stored within your device. This may be causing your device to not save or sync correctly. Let’s have you clear your app data to get things up and running as intended:

  1. Open your TrainerRoad app.
  2. From the left-hand side menu, scroll to the bottom and select “Support”.
  3. Then go ahead and select “Clear App Data”.

Your device will then run through the process of backing up your data and restarting the TrainerRoad app.

If anyone has questions about this or continues to run into problems, please let us know!

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Suggestion: creat a locked post with links to “fixes” to common problems and pin it to the top of the forum. This could help people who come to the forum looking for help get immediate help for issues with understood fixes

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Hi, cleared data and still have the issue