Different power because of different saddles?

I recently got the feeling that I can generate more power on the bike when having a saddle that is more supportive on the back.

I have several bikes with several saddles that are really different. The biggest conrtast may be the totally flat ISM PN 3.0, which I really find comfortable on the road bike, but it lacks support from the back. In contrast, the Selle Italia Novus Boost is curved upward in the back. My position feels a bit more stable and when going full gas, it feels a like I can push off with my butt against the Selle Italia saddle and generate more power. Also, it fees like I engange my hamstrings more, because I can roll my pelvis forward more easily, because of the support from the back.

Does anyon feel the same or even did some power testing with diofferent saddles??? Perhaps my feelings just betray me… :slight_smile:

For me I think it’s definitely possible. Just sitting on a different part of the saddle engages (slightly) different muscles and for me I think I’m less fatigued using these different muscles, so I definitely feel a small boost when I first make a switch up.

Could also be in my head.