Different athlete types and auto detection

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Recent returner to trainerroad and lots has changed. Can anyone tell me if the auto detection feature looks as deeply as identifying anaerobically strong athletes etc and adjusting zones to account accordingly (or does the model just use the standard zones % wise for everyone).

Hope this makes sense.

Whether TR categorizes athletes according to their strengths/weaknesses internally, does not matter much. For athlete, visible marker is Progression Level per power zone. It ensures we have productively challenging workouts for each zone according to our personal abilities.

For more detailed information, see Progression Levels blog post.

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Yes - it does. Definitely check out the blog post svens linked. If you’re a naturally strong anaerobic or V02 Max athlete, and not as much Sweet Spot for example, then the progression levels for each of those zones will adjust as long as you are rating the workouts appropriately when you do them.

Sometimes it takes a little time for the PLs to adjust and dial in, but it does happen. If you’re finding a specific training zone too easy (or too hard) in the beginning, you can choose an alternate workout that’s either harder or easier to speed up the process. But, it all comes down to whether or not you complete the workout, and how you rate it.

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It seems you’re referring to the new FTP auto detection. In that case, no, it still uses standard zones based on that new FTP. But as other have mentioned, progression levels will ensure that you end up getting harder Z5/6 workouts if you are extra anaerobically strong compared to most people with your ftp, or harder Z3/4 workouts if you have extra ability to ride for long periods at sweet spot, etc.

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Thank you all.

So it’s a bit of a yes/no situation in so far as you get out what you put in? If a vo2 max workout is too easy for your given FTP and you mark it as such then the system learns to give you harder vo2 workouts (or have I got that wrong)?

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That is correct. And alternately , if sweet spot or threshold is currently too hard for you, it will make those easier (or ramp them up more slowly) while giving you the harder VO2 Max workout. It’s just important to rate the workouts accurately.