Dietitian for how long?

Hi everyone. I was wondering what are your thought on the length of dietitian visits in terms of weeks/months. Obviously the most important part to consider is to hit your objectives, be it losing X amount of weight or hitting a certain fat % target.

But after you’ve gotten there, should you stick with the regular visits, go less often or stop going at all.


I don’t have experience with going to a dietician, but I think the goal would be to help you monitor yourself so that you hit your goals consistently - eventually shifting from needing to meet with a specialist to relying on yourself. That’s going to depend on your situation, your willingness to learn, and your discipline.

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My wife is a dietician and she always says that you don’t need to see a dietician unless you have a specific food intolerance, illness or allergy.

Don’t fall for people trying to take money from you, especially when free apps like myfitnesspal etc are out there.

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