Did Strava further reduce their free offering?

I know that Strava recently made some changes to their offering which resulted in a lot of formerly free features to now require a subscription. There is a thread about it on here.

However, I just opened the app and realised that it doesn’t show the weekly activity columns anymore. The ones normally shown above the weekly goal.

Is this just me being a tech idiot or did they further reduce their free offering? Did they cut anything else?

Click the Training Tab bottom right.

Thats also a paid function. Always been, hasn’t it?

I meant the column chart on that page. Used to be where the red circle is.

Do you mean the graph that you see at the top of the page when you go to Feed then You? Or the one at Profile then tap the clipboard icon?

The graph that used to be where I marked it. :slight_smile:

It’s still on the desktop version as I was looking at it earlier today - the one where you can highlight weeks in the year and they appear as a blue bar chart…?

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I noticed this too. I miss having my week’s riding available at a glance along with my goals. I pay for Strava (i’m unsure why anymore), so that info is available in the training tab, but it is not presented in the same way.

Not sure why Strava insists on progressively ruining their app bit by bit.

It’s now on the training page (might have always been there?) . I agree it’s not as convenient but at least it’s not gone.

So annoying

I want to easily be able to see how many runs, bikes, swims ive done in a week and on what days / distance. This was so useful why would they remove it!

I cancelled my strava premium after the free 2 months. Just don’t see the benefit of it.

They have said they are investing more time and money in improvements so I am more than happy to reconsider premium when these happen. Currently the free version is sufficient for my use, which is merely tracking rides and ride history.

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Yeah the changes in Strava have been really disappointing. I did the 2 month free trial and canceled before I got charged. The only paid thing I kinda miss is the leaderboards/segment results. Someone in the other Strava thread described it right: It’s a data aggregator and distributer. There are other apps that do their job better (RideWithGPS, TR, intervals.icu etc) Not to say it has no use, but it’s been super mismanaged. Hope it’s around in a few years…

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Strava is a social app. Leaderboards can’t be sorted by power which is lame. Strava built an eco-system of partners but Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks do a better job aggregating and distributing. VeloViewer added real value to Leaderboards and what not, but now requires premium. WKO5 now has my key segments loaded so I’m good.

Just cancelled Strava premium after the free trial. Not going to pay for social, or feel guilty for not helping to keep them alive. Strava completely dropped the ball on supporting clubs, what could be more social? Our club uses Meetup and RWGPS for routes.


Heard lots of good things about rwgps. Is it a paid for service? I quite like strava maps Just for creating rides and loading to my Garmin, and looking for something to replace it. Tried Garmin connect but not convinced by it.

Yeah rwgps is paid. I think it’s well worth it if you’re going out on new routes that you plan out, or following other people’s routes. I went the other way, Let my rwgps lapse and paid for Strava because, realistically, it’s very seldom that I’m going out on exploratory bike rides.

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Hmm, I have been RWGPS free for a couple years and thought it was possible to create routes without paying?

You can. I definitely should have been more clear. There was some reason that I needed to upgrade to do what I wanted, but I honestly can’t remember what it was.

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Offline maps on the mobile RWGPS app is a big reason to pay. There are a couple other big reasons to upgrade to paid but I can’t recall off the top of mind.

If people are looking for a replacement for Strava route planning I’d highly recommend checking out Komoot. There is a one-time fee (approx £20 IIRC) to unlock the world map or lower one-time fees to unlock small regions if that’s all you require.

There is now a subscription premium service too but I’ve never found the need. I think it sounds like it would be valuable for planning multi-day events but I planned a LEJOG using the standard system.



Ridewithgps has a free basic version, which allows you do create routes and export them to your device. You can keep the route private or make it public for others to use. You can also upgrade to a pay-for version, which allows you to export cue sheets and other things.

Another upvote for Komoot for mapping and route creation.