Did I choose the right plan / adding races

I am on SSBMV2 on a Hill Race plan built with Plan Builder.
Actually I am wondering if the RR race plan would fit better as some of my planned races are hilly but the hills are more steep and short (<30min) and there are quite a few flat sections with lots of dynamics in the race.
What’s your view - where’s the pivot between RR and hill race plan when it comes to course profiles?

And then a related question: I would need to add the races to my calendar to optimize the plan - how can I do that esp when changing the plan? When I start PB from scratch it will start with Base1 again and if I remove the B1 and B2 weeks I think the overall plan towards the planned races is screwed…
How could I address this?


Last Q first - when you create your plan put the start date in the past at the point where you began the current one. PB will take into account what you’ve done.

If you are creating a new plan you have to remove the current one as the calendar won’t accept two overlapping plans. If you’ve added your races to your calendar then PB will see them and adjust accordingly. Alternatively you can add your races/events when you get to that stage in the process (5th out of seven).

Can’t help with the first but 30mins is not short and steep! A short and steep climb would be 2-3mins at 20% or so. Then again steep to me implies something with an average gradient more than 16% or so - we have a lot of steep hills locally.

Now that is really helpful! Thanks a lot.:+1:

Wrt steep/short…ok I need to be more precise…profiles have some 12-15% / 3…8 mins or 8ish% for some 20min. But no 8-10% / 2hr passes or so…this is what made me thinking to change to RR plan…

Looking at the overview descriptions the Hill Race and Rolling Road plans there does seem to be a lot of overlap but I’d say go RR for general climbs whereas the climbing plan seems to be more for long alpine type climbs, i.e. sustained tempo with occasional attacks. Both plans share a lot of workouts, emphasising the overlap, so it’s unlikely that picking one over the other will have much difference.

Look at the workouts (and their descriptions and aims) and try and figure out which one addresses your weaknesses.

I’ve only done one Speciality phase and since due to Covid I didn’t actually have a target event I just went through the plans and their workouts and chose one I liked the look of.

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