Deviating from Adaptive Training Plan

I have Ironman Chattanooga this September and I understand that the bike course consists of rolling hills. I’m looking at what’s laid out in my current training program and I’m thinking of doing my own workouts to help make my training a little more specific. I only plan on changing my weekend rides. My issue is that all the weekend long rides top out at 75% FTP. I would like to incorporate more 80% efforts. I plan to ride rollers between 65-75% FTP but I’d like to increase my durability for rollers but incorporating some efforts slightly above my target. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’ve done adaptive training and deviated as needed, I did SSBHV and essentially kept a couple of key sweet spot workouts and did more endurance on weekends. Just take a look at the workouts and replace them as needed. As to whether it’s beneficial to ride around 80% is debatable, I can definitely fall into that realm when I ride outside and want to keep things spicier, but when I do my inside z2, I actually keep the intensity 70% and below, and it’s probably more ideal to stay 60-65%. But just sub the workouts you actually want using alternates or whatever other method you want to search for the workout you want