Desktop app: update prompt

Is there any appetite for the desktop app to have a prompt-style option for when an update is available? You know the sort I mean - a pop up box/message that appears informing users that an update is available, with options to update now or remind me later.

At the moment, the app automatically starts to download an update whenever one is available and the app is opened. This delays the syncing process and therefore the workout itself. Today, I waited 20 minutes for the update to download before restarting the app to complete the update. This is time that I could have tagged onto the end of the workout as additional endurance work.

Wouldn’t it be better if users were offered the option to download and update later, at a more convenient time?


If I’m streaming the Giro, etc and the download doesn’t finish before my session. It seems to hang up on that % downloaded and block upload of the session :neutral_face:

Sorry to hear the updates are taking so long. If you’re using TrainerRoad on an iPhone or Android, there’s a setting within your phone that can cease automatic updates, but unfortunately not for desktop. I believe if you try to start the workout during the update, it will put the update on hold so you can complete your workout, but checking things like internet connectivity isn’t a bad idea, as it shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes!

Quick follow up, I wonder if there’s some action within the app that’s impacting the speed of the update.
I’m curious if you’re seeing the downloading progress in the banner, in step 3 and before step 4, the banner should be grey (or gray?) with “X% complete”?

Let me know next time you see an update! Thanks in advance.

I get the same thing. Nope to your answer. Does not even tell me (windows 10) that their is an update being downloaded. I figure it out because my machine just gets “stupid” and focuses entirely on the update.

Not sure about others, but I’ve often had it stuck at “100% complete”, but it never seems to progress past that. I’ve tried closing and reopening the app. Eventually, when I’ve just left the app open, that green update bar goes away. Often times, I just start my workout anyways, even if that green bar is still there.

Hmm. If you experience continuous issues like that, it may not hurt to get in touch with the support team to see if something is holding up the update process for some reason. They’ll take a closer look and sort you out. Sorry for any trouble!

It was stuck on 97% for what seemed like an age. Internet connection is fine. However, I do find the app (using Windows 10 on my laptop) is a bit of an internet hog.

Ooooh sure, that makes sense. I think closing any other apps/programs to free up any bandwidth and processing capabilities for the update will help, but if it persists, I’d get in touch with the support team so they can take a closer look!

Of course it does this to me before a ramp test. It’s like waiting to go to sleep for surgery :joy_cat:


Had another update today. Did see in the top right corner a 4% completed bit. somehow managed to get the machine to let me select my ride and get things going.

Perhaps the option of “download and update after workout” could be built in?

Another thing about updates: Anyone notice you cannot put comments about the ride in once the program is waiting to restart (after an update)? Happened again today. Finally figured out that is the common issue when I can’t do comments.

Submitting this to the team as a feature request! :crossed_fingers:

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