Dented Axle? Where did that come from?

Took my bike into the shop after noticing a rough rear hub that was a bit out of alignment while giving the bike a good washing. The shop looked into it and told me I have a dented axle??? What? The Mechanic said he’d never seen that before.

For reference it’s a Profile Design 58/TwentyFour. Any idea how that could happen? The mechanic thinks it might be a trainer related issue. I’m not so sure, but I guess? Maybe when taking it off the trainer it got hung up and bent?

Anyway, He’s calling around to try and find the right replacement part and we’re hoping the bearings aren’t shot too.

I did it on the mountain bike. But I caught a “branch” (read: large downed tree hidden in the grass attached to the branch) somewhere with my rear setup and bent the axle. Don’t recall what else was messed up. Mechanic was impressed.

Only dented? The one time I’ve had to call the broom wagon…

Edit: misread - thought you’d dented a through axle