Deep section carbon wheels on a budget?

I run 80/85psi generally on the same tires and similar rims.

I’ve run them as low as 60 by accident but it felt like I was hitting bottom going over some railroad tracks.

When I do a group ride on the weekend, I go a little higher (90/95) for a little extra pothole / rim protection.

I’m about the same weight as you and really feel like 80 is the bare minimum to keep from bottoming out and to protect your rim.


Anyone here have any experience with the new AR45 Light bicycle wheels? Trying to decide whether they are worth the wait and extra cost for the lighter rim and more modern shape against the AR46.

I ordered the AR465 on 6/30. They supposedly shipped from China on or around 8/3. Say 2-3 weeks to make it to UPS to finish but UPS still doesn’t have them. So sorry for the non answer but as soon as I get them I can chime in.

My R55’s took a solid three weeks to arrive once they shipped. You won’t get any updates until the cargo ship is unloaded and your wheels are scanned into a UPS facility. From there it is like tracking any other package in the US.

I can’t speak to the ARs but I have been pleased with the R55s. They are my first carbon wheels, though, but have been great so far. Stable even in cross winds, but you do need to be wary of potential gusts, as with any deep section wheels. I opted for DT Swiss 240 hubs and have been very pleased with them. Tubeless setup has been relatively painless. Only down side is that it took nearly 3 months from order to receipt.

Finally got my wheels a few weeks ago. They actually came in perfect timing. I blew a spoke on the stock DT Swiss wheels on a Saturday ride and they showed up the following Thursday (usually do indoor TR rides Tues and Thurs so didn’t miss anything).

These are the AR465s. Mounted Michelin Power Road 28mm. Went on very easily once I figured out what I was doing. Final weight difference vs stock was 391.5g lighter for the AR465 vs the DT Swiss R470 that come stock on most Specialized comp models these days.

Have only done about 3 rides so far - 1 big one and have been running around 80 PSI. I don’t have a ton of experience to compare different wheels but I think they feel great. Much easier to hold speed and downhill they just fly. The SL7 is a bit twitchy steering and I think the deeper wheels ‘heavy’ that feeling out - in a good way. Very pleased so far aside from the time as mentioned from other users. Ordered 6/30 and showed up 9/2.

Sorry for the lack of #supernice but just wanted to grab a quick picture after a ride.



Nice. I also run mine at 80 psi but with 25mm tires (I have an older frame and can’t run anything wider). Way more comfy than my 23mm tubed tires at 100 psi.

Just watch for some heavy crosswinds. If these are your first deep section wheels you will notice the front end wanting to turn a little. Nothing drastic but it could catch you off guard if not paying attention. Once you experience it a few times you’ll get used to it and rarely think of it again.


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