Dedicated Laptop - for TR, Zwift, Rouvy etc

There was a recent thread around buying a dedicated PC for TR and Zwift/Netflix etc and I’m in the same position - I used to build my own machines etc but life takes that time away from me and it’s been years since I was up to date with tech to the same level of understanding. I’m UK based and train in the garage so for me a PC would be too dedicated so - can anyone suggest a minimum spec laptop that can do all of this - I don’t care what make model etc but it would have to be able to run TR and Rouvy or Zwift.
As it’s portable the laptop would also be used for other stuff - by the whole family.
Please no suggestions for Apple TV or indeed anything Apple based - we’re all Android here and i do not intend to start put screens in the garage, though I do have an old flat screen TV kicking around.
Thanks for any suggestions on this - having done some research, well scratching the surface, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of looking at laptops with dedicated GPUs that cost far more than I want to spend and being shocked by the prices. :grimacing: :crazy_face:

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For the best experience with Zwift you will want something with a dedicated GPU. A very basic gaming laptop will do the job well. Have you got an idea on budget? You don’t need to spend the earth to find a decent enough machine!

I also train in a UK based garage, nothing wrong with a large screen in there, I bought an unwanted one off a work colleague for £40 and it’s a superb addition, personally I wouldn’t do indoor training now without 2 screens. As above, a returned gaming PC doesn’t need to break the bank and if you eventually get into RGT (which you can run concurrently with TR by the way) you’ll be better off with a dedicated graphics card rather than onboard laptop graphics.

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@AndyGajda budget - as little as possible.

@ValeCyclist - that’s OK for you but i can’t justify the cost of a seperate PC to go in there as I’d have to buy a laptop soon anyway for the family so my request is from duality of purpose view.

I still think you could get cheap refurbished laptop and pc for roughly the same if not cheaper than a new laptop which is going to be needed for the use you have detailed. Will be interesting to see what you end up with.

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I have a Toshiba tecra r840 I got second hand about 2 years ago for only $250 Australian (ebay). It does the job fine for Zwift, trainerroad, rouvy etc.
You should be able to find something for a reasonable price that will do the job.

You’d be able to hook up your old flatscreen to it if you wanted the bigger screen.

I can find the full specs of mine if you need.

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If you could that would be awesome as there’s quite few models there… :+1:

you may have a point - I’ll see how it all pans out and let you know.

But a refurbished PC with a graphics card is looking at £250 without the monitor/TV which I already have - that’s following on the from the dedicated PC thread - and i’m allowing around £100 for a graphics card and/or more memory.

So if I found a laptop that did it all for say £400 then would it be better than the PC plus a £150 laptop?

Have to see… :slight_smile:



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Done :+1:

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Budget gaming laptop

Something like this will work well for what you want to use it for😊

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@AndyGajda - i’m from Yorkshire where its well known that we’re like the Scott’s but without the genorosity! :blush: Bit over what I’m wanting to spend but at least it gives me some idea of spec to look at.

Haha!! Us Scot’s are most miserly people you’ll ever meet!!!

If I’m honest, then I would suggest saving up for something like the gaming laptop or look for a used one. You’ll not need more that a GTX1050 to run Zwift nicely.

See if you can find the Zwift PC Master Race FB group. There’s some really good advice in there.

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Thanks for all the input - food for thought.

If you have an Android phone, might also be worth looking to see if the Zwift app (not companion) will run on it. My backup solution, if I have laptop problems, is to run the Zwift on my phone and screen cast to a Chromecast on my TV. Its not perfect, but gets the job done in a bind.

I have to have my phone plugged into a high speed charging device and even then the battery slowly drains. It also doesn’t pick up my Stages PM, only my trainer. And I probably couldn’t run TR and Zwift at the same time.

I think an entry level gaming laptop with a dedicated GPU is the way to go, but this might be a back or bridge you to that point.

While a gaming laptop can run Zwift nicely, they do involve a lot of compromises. I just bought and returned a Dell gaming laptop because the fans were very loud. Unacceptably loud. Heat is an issue with most mid to high end GPUs and CPUs, and managing that heat with a laptop is a challenge. OTOH, the gaming PC I bought was cheaper, faster and much quieter.

There are compromises. A cooling mat is essential, but I’ve done 4hr Zwift sessions with no issues👍

Thing is I’ve never ridden on Zwift or even tried it but the option of that or perhaps RGT later on would be good. Looks like a cheaper laptop that will run TR at this moment in time and double up as a family one may be the way to go and then perhaps a dedicated cheap garage gaming pc. :thinking:

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Depends on what experience you want…

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I think a lot of people overestimate the demands of Zwift to be honest. I run it very comfortably on a Surface Laptop 2 which has standard integrated graphics - Intel UHD Graphics 620, not a dedicated GPU. It isn’t overly intensive in my experience.