Decrease endurance zone training for women over 50?

I’ve been getting a lot of traffic in my inbox advocating for decreasing long training days and zone 2 training in favor of more short, high intensity intervals for women over 50/post menopausal women as a way of continuing to improve cycling performance and power. I also watched a Stacey Simms video in which she mentions the same thing and made reference to some studies regarding this. I can’t find those studies but after logging over 8k miles this year which have included lots of distance and interval training yet having my FTP actually decrease by about 15, I’m wondering if I should completely change my training and if anyone has seen anything regarding this.


8000 miles - how many hours and average hours per week? I’m not female but wanted to say that I’ve heard different coaches talk about the impact of aging for anyone over 50. Bottom line is that if you are over 12 hours/week then depending on specifics, some coaches would advocate reducing training load vs what you could do in your 20s and 30s. Take that time and invest in recovery, working on your top-end (vo2max), and lifting heavy weights. My goldilocks volume in late fifties s around 8-10 hours/week total training. How much volume is individual.