Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff"

Adidas has a good sale on eBay right now including their cycling gear. An extra 35% off already discounted prices. The road shoes are basically $60.

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Is it weird that I didn’t know that Adidas has cycling gear?

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If you know mtb, ADDIDAS owns Five Ten

Hey, look what they have: The Velosamba Vegan Cycling Shoes Men’s
Oh, drop the vegan detour you say… :-p


Hi Team, I know there is a thread about the upcoming Garmin 840/1040. I’m wondering if anyone knows the 530 cycle and whether there are/will be any discounts on that soon?

Or where’s the best place to buy?

Best price in UK I can see is £199 (several places including.Decathlon and Probikekit)

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Walmart sells them in the USA for $297.

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Full gravel bike with sram etap xplr axs for $2k

Budget frame but man wireless shifting at $2k.


Remaining trainers on Zwift are 40% off now.


La Passione 20% off for 3 days

$50 off the Garmin RTL515!
$150 off the 1030 plus!


I suspect it is because rei is having the 20% off which sometimes includes garmin.

Edit it is on sale there also

This is a Garmin approved sale, should be on sale everywhere!

Bed cooling on sale:

(End June 6)
(2 more days)

Look pedals are awesome and 25% off at REI

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Wow, some killer deals. If I hadn’t just bought a Levo, I might be in for that Saris MP1.

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Yeah, tons of options. The newer Wahoo stuff like the power pedals are nice options and first time I’ve seen them on sale.

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It’s like they have over inventory and people are not buying as much now…

Who could have predicted that

Thoughts on the 1030 plus deal? I have a 530 that I’m fine with…any reason to upgrade with the newer Garmin head units possibly on the horizon?