Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff"

i got a box of the menthol SIS gels too and i can say i am not a fan. I don’t need to try the other stuff on your list to relate. They suck.


The NorCal Cycling Couch to Crit Youtube episodes have a 20% off Stages link. I used it to buy a Dura-Ace 9000 3rd gen power meter for $216 after sales tax. Price was so low I couldn’t resist lol. I’ll move my 1st gen Stages to the backup bike.


Probikekit appears to still be running their tire twin pack flash sale. I picked up a twin pack of GP5000s for $80 + $10 shipping yesterday. A bit better than on Amazon.

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Not sure it’s much of a flash sale, I think that’s just their normal price (been that way for at least a month and they’ve always had the GP4000s around that price in the past). I ended up ordering from Wiggle with latex tubes as the bundle and free shipping. :grinning:

It was up there yesterday when I saw it. Like I said, a little bit better than Amazon Prime once shipping included. But last 5000 I bought was from the LBS for $80 for one… needed a race day replacement… sigh. Anyway…

Totally agreed on local pricing - - can get them for basically 50% off/2 for 1 from the UK sites… If you’re not in a pinch for one immediately. :grinning:

I learned something cool in the Rapha brick and mortar store today. If you ask for deals, you can get some serious discounts. Buy bibs and a jersey together and get 25% off both! Buy 1 pair of socks for $20 or 3 pairs for $45.


Decided to buy a pair of Lake CX 238s to rotate with my CX 237s. All I found by searching was retail – until I was looking on the BikeTiresDirect website and noticed a special Lake 25% off promo. Score!

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