Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff"

Thanks. That’s not visible on my iPad, so I can’t tell that it shows I replied.

I am probably confused, but I see the following:

You replied to the single line of text, with a picture and presumably the quoted part from the originally, before the system stripped it (see the orange pencil).

Yep! But as you can see in my screenshot, it does not show that I replied to your post.

Right, the assumption is that there is no need to repeat what is already “clear”.

In this case, if you reply to the post directly above, there is no need to “add a link” to the related post, since it is directly adjacent / above.

That “link” only happens if you reply to a post above the last one in the thread. It’s a question and confusion we have seen before.

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back to discounts, anyone find anything I need

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Yes, but I bought the last one


Same here, bought both around Thanksgiving - kept the Strike, returned the Raptors. Paid $125 for the Strike so $103 is a great price. Great bib, still prefer Assos overall though.

Silca is having a sale on many items. There’s also a discount code for anything not on sale.

Take an additional 15% off with this special code*: 20EGGSTER21

*This discount code cannot be combined with other discounts, sales items or discount codes. Must be used at your checkout. Expires: April 5, 2021, 12:01 am EST.


Garmin Varia RTL510, $140 on Amazon (for 10 more hours)


That’s an awesome price

Just found the Garmin Varia RTL515 is on sale at Garmin for $159.99. Just ordered mine.


Haha. The one day I don’t check the forum. My mom and dad were looking to get one when on sale. Haha

FWIW if anyone is on the fence, my Garmin Varia Radar (I have the German RTL511 version) is one of the few things I would immediately order the same day if I were to lose it on a ride.


I’ve only had my Varia for a month and I can’t believe how amazing it is for my gravel rides. I now can’t live without it.