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Thanks…just ordered a pair of 12-Hour bibs.

Any meaningful difference between Summit Raptor and Summit Strike Bibs? Assuming the all-important chamois is the same, but just wondering

I think they have a ‘compare bibs’ page… yep, here it is:

Details the differences, including the choice of chamois: “ENDURANCE ANATOMIC” or “PERFORMANCE FORCE”. I should have gone for the Strike bibs for performance force in my pants.


Much appreciated!

Eurosport annual subscription is on sale for £20 in the UK (50% off)

BF sale on Lifeline rocker and reasonable shipping for less than $300 USD to your door.


Uh, that looks enticing - been planning to build one myself, but not sure I have all the tools needed plus the time, this actually doesn’t seem too expensive. Have you heard any reviews of this one @mcneese.chad? Any word on it fitting a Elite Suito?

Yeah, several reviews on the FB page and at least one in this forum are all very positive.

And I have seen at least one Suito has been mounted with success.

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Very tempting!

Also does anyone know if Lake usually does black friday deals?

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20% of Hed wheels with code “HEDHolidays20”


Damn, that’s nice. I picked one up. I don’t know if it’ll be good or not, but at that price, worth a try.


I’ve seen a handful of people not like them (any rocker plate), but seems there is about 90% or better adoption rate from those that try some form of rocker plate. Fingers crossed for you and be sure to let me know if you have any questions.

I added some setup info in the latter part of the Rocker Plate thread too, that may be worth a look.


I did the same thing with a ROCKR Pod Lite. I had been curious about rockers for a while, and when @mcneese.Chad did a review of the sub-$200 Lite, I took the leap. I don’t regret it at all. When someone comes out with a significantly cheaper MP-1 imitation with fore/aft movement, I will probably buy it. Hope you like yours too!

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