Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff"

Do you think these deals will extend to Europe? I haven’t seen these prices yet :frowning:

Cyclingtips review of RX8:


Generally/historically speaking, they do. Usually though, for whatever reason, delays are delayed a couple days in the EU.

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15% Off Site Wide* Enter BLKCM2022 at checkout


Hi @dcrainmaker , the European sale is now live: Buy KICKR Indoor Cycling Smart Bike | Wahoo Fitness EU

€2.499. Do you expect local retailers can go lower?

Probably not, then they will lose money.

The bike-discount had some issues with their web site this week (service denial attack?). The site is now working again, but it seems that some prices have changed since my post.

InsideRide has an offer for $50 off thru next Wednesday. Use code DISC50 at checkout.

I know this works on the E-Flex Plus & Original motion systems, and presume it’s also applicable to the E-Motion Rollers.

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if you want to buy a WKO5 Licence, now it is the best time:


Bike-Components (German site) has 25% on all Shimano products (and other brands as well)

1660 euros for complete Ultegra Groupset :smiley: Too bad I just bought a Kickr Bike… can’t have both!


Excellent - just want I was waiting for!

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Favero Assioma range discounted :


PONGO socks (great socks imo) - extra 30% with code BF30

Attaquer Clothing
Extra 40% off sale pricing

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Favero Assioma power meter pedals


SiS gels are available under a dollar/gel in the US if you spend $110

30 gel packs are 32.50 and if you spend $110 you get 30 more free (albeit in a flavor I don’t love)

So if you get 4 packs you’d be at $130 + tax for 150 gels

Powerbar POWERBAR40
40% Reduction on all Powerbar products, think only in EU:

It was only a few months ago when SiS was pretty easy to get for under .50 a gel

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Yeah I was the one who posted about their price increases in this thread when they first increased them

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20% off from all Specialized products at bike-components.

20% for Rockshox products, 25% for Shimano products.

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