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Thanks for the link!

UPDATE October 2021: Shimano’s 12 speed road drivetrains were announced recently for their Dura-Ace R9200 and Ultegra R8100 series. These 12 speed cassettes will fit on wheels and trainer freehub bodies as long as they’re 11 speed Hyperglide freehub bodies.

Now the question is: does the H3 come with an 11spd Hyperglide freehub? I assume the answer is “yes” but I’ve been unable to confirm.

Yup, the Saris stuff is a standard 11s HG FH.

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Damn I had to buy that my Taxc S has been on its last leg for a while and now my GF can finally train with some power. My gravel bike is a 12 speed sram mullet. Can I use the eagle chain on a 11 speed shimano?

Yeah, there are a few places I have seen it mentioned that you can do decently well with that combo.

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H3 successfully delivered :tada: :tada: :tada:…and a riding buddy’s as well.

It is not too late to get one. Another buddy ordered one today and the code is still active.


My wants is telling me to go for it…
My needs is telling me to hold and rather get a 955!


I still have an original gen1 (2012) kickr and shockingly haven’t had a single issue with it. I’d still have probably pulled the trigger on this deal if I didn’t also have an InsideRide E-Flex that I don’t want to have to replace with a different rocker as part of the upgrade.

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I’ve had to replace the bearings in mine 3 times, with the exception of the on behind the free hub ring that I can’t get out. So that one bearing has a lot of time on it. I finally replaced the belt recently because it started skipping (additional tension didn’t help). The new belt didn’t help the skipping unfortunately so must be worn cogs. Only skips on low inertia high power stuff though. Strava says I have 24k “miles” on it so definitely got my moneys worth.

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Just for Canada and USA right? :confused:

Ok, I finally hit the submit button. My H1 is getting along nicely after all these years but this deal is too good to pass up.


I’m getting mixed results when looking for this but you can or can’t put a 12 speed cassette on the H3?

Yeah, my H1 has served me well for several thousand hours with only a belt replacement. I feel like it can go into a well-earned retirement, but it’ll be nice to have as a back-up if there are any issues with the H3.

You can. When you check out Saris will ask you if you want to buy the 12sp free hub.

Quick clarification - That freehub option is for SRAM….If you are running Shimano 12 speed, you don’t need it.

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Right. 12 sp Shimano fits in 11sp Freehub

Also nobody has 12sp Shimano in stock so moot point lol

I just got Ultegra 12 from Excel Sports about a month ago and it was still available a few days ago. (ETA - just checked and it is still available)

It is definitely out there….

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Well, the Saris H3 deal worked a little too well for me. Told my wife about it and that we should order one to replace our Kickr Snap. She said it was a great deal and to get one for her too…Doh…now we have to revamp the pain cave to accommodate both of us riding simultaneously…This thread always ends up costing me a lot of $…


If she’s anything like my wife, she would explain how since it’s ON SALE, you saved money by spending money!


Funny, she definitely went there…lol