Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff"

I purchased a 4iiii single sided Shimano power meter from the site, and would buy from them again. Can’t speak as to discount codes though


I also bought my Power2Max from there last year. I did that because at the time they had a 10% off code for new customers. No issues with them, fast shippping, etc. I never had to talk to their customer service though so I can’t speak to that.

Yes they’re great… Bought twice Stages from them.

ITK10 believe should get you 10%, not sure if you have to go direct through “in the know cycling” which BTW is great resource.

Can someone explain to me what bike computers do that a smartphone can’t? I recently dropped $300+ for a Element Bolt and I just don’t really see the point. It’s an inferior package to an iPhone/Samsung in any respect other than “aerodynamics” and battery life. I’m really surprised how Garmin, Wahoo etc get away with charging so much for their stuff. Apple/Samsung need to put them out of misery.

Lots of reasons why a bike computer is superior to a phone…not least of which is the potential for damaging / losing your phone in a crash.

But you can enjoy the exchanges in this thread and reach your own decision.



You beat me :stuck_out_tongue:

A rather lengthy and spirited discussion on those lines:





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$10 off at From their email:

Code: 104FRIEND75 (can be used multiple times - so feel free SHARE on the socials)

Not So Fine Print: Please hurry as codes expire on Sunday, Jan 10th. These gift cards may be applied on orders of $14.00 or more.

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No deals lately it appears

Seems like a good price for this, free shipping with $50 plus I believe, I grabbed 2 for myself and one for my buddy. Don’t think I’ve seen them this cheap before


if you like NUNN Amazon has a daily deal for another 12 hours or so


UCAN Superstarch Plain 30 servings (21% off)

SIS has a sale going on too. Can use STRAVA30 for 30% off full priced items + a free bottle as well.

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A few Quest Protein products on Amazon as Deal of the Day.


Thanks, I grabbed one!

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Assos 30% Archive sale been going on for a few days

Lots of selection if you wear XS or XXL :slight_smile:

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