Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2024)

It’s back to $1299, maybe your text worked?


Now I don’t know whether to bite or hold out for $1k…

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The amount the page will let you add to your cart represents their real stock… so there are two left.


OneUP is having a sale. Up to 30% off. Highly recommend their 100cc pump.


I have that pump. It’s nice. I ordered the tool that stores inside

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Love my EDC tool + pump for the mtb.

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me too, but recently discovered a big disappointment when I realize it doesn’t have a t20 and all my new torx ti bolts are t20 and not t25 :frowning:

where’s all the RED E1 deals? :slight_smile:

Go to sleep for a year or two and return to the thread. SRAM is going to keep the price up as long as possible. Or buy a Lauf Uthald, that’s the cheapest way to get E1 right now.


I’m not sure, wouldn’t you have said that for transmission as well? didn’t last long at full price. It was even on bike closet within 6 months of release guess will have to wait and see

CYCLEWITHMOM still working on brands & cycle for a 20% off full price items


The price of the new Red is wild! A whole group set, with power meter crank, is $4200-ish USD? It would need to be %50 off or more more me to even look at it. And even then… if it was 50% off it would be still insane to me… and all this for a consumable! I mean is it really thousands of dollars better?

I’m going to go ahead and stick with the group set that came with my bike. :crazy_face:

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The one that was $1299 yesterday?

I think that was a consquence of the MTB market imploding. SRAM is further away from that with the Red release and now has the benefit of hindsight.

But maybe you can get a few hundred for the bundled Hammerhead

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Thanks. Most places won’t let you use the code on Roval wheels but this one did. Finally pulled the trigger on the carbon control for my mountain bike

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Not this exact code, but used a 20% off code to get roval wheels from them. A lot of sites banned using codes for roval wheels so was glad they let it go through.

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Seems like Garmin edge 540/840/1040 just went on sale. Does that mean a new edge unit is on its way?

I wound be surprised, their bike computers usually have a longer product cycle than a year


1040 is 2 years old now