Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2024)

Haha preach it! All my friends talk about how comfy their shimano shoes are. In specialized, a 48 fits perfect for a size 14 shoe. In shimano lingo, 48 is like a 12.5, which is unfortunately the largest they seem to make in the xc902

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looking for a feedback sprint stand, anyone has a good deal you know about?

digital 1/4 hex bit torque wrench - currently $56 from amazon.

it was a little cheaper when I ordered a few days ago, so maybe keep tabs on pricing.

seems very similar (maybe same factory?) as my PRO/Shimano digi torque wrench, and accuracy seems good so far.

very nice compact head and fine ratchet.

the linked version does not beep/blink at a set torque, so it is used like a digital version of a beam wrench. that’s my preference anyways.


I tried ordering from myprotein last month. I created an account and apparently ordered successfully. The next day the order was canceled and the account was deleted. I don’t know why.

I tried to contact their customer support and there is zero responses back. Tried the phone number that flashed a Utah location and then went to a European phone tone. Emails were unanswered.

I checked the SSL certificate and everything seemed to check out. Regardless, I would be wary of this site and is a hard pass for me.

Thats weird I ordered from them a ton and never had issues. Its a European based company so thats probably why their phone went to europe.

Vittoria is having a sale on a lot of their tires including the Corsa Pro. You can save an additional 30% off the sale price using code ‘VALE24’. You can get a pair of the Corsa Pro’s for a little over a 100 bucks with free shipping. Code doesn’t work for Corsa PRO Gold and Corsa PRO Speed.


Kona fat bikes are 50% off…if that is your thing, some great prices/

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Code wouldn’t apply for me.

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I wonder if it was a mistake and they finally caught it today. It was working last night.

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It still works for some. I tried it on the Corso PRO Control as well as some of the CX offerings and it worked.

I ordered last week and so far looks like it’s on its way. Fingers crossed. If it actually tastes like I want it to I might end up in a protein overload.

It looks like it’s working on the stuff that isn’t on sale.

I’m guessing that’s it. I put 4 in my cart and the code worked after I saw your post, but I hesitated because I already stocked up on tires for this year. Just went back and got a message that the code won’t work now.

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Literally exact same thing here. I hesitated to grab another pair because I have 4 tires still in boxes. Just checked and the code isn’t working. Must have been an error that’s now fixed.

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I can’t tell if I’m mad or not…that was a killer deal, but I also still have that extra $200 in my bank account :rofl:


Haha, same. At first I was annoyed I missed a killer deal. But I probably didn’t need any more tires to be honest. I have 4 Corsa Pro, 2 Challenge Criterium RS, and 2 GP5000 S TR all brand new in boxes. I stocked up on a few sales over winter. So I should be good for at least the upcoming year.

Edit: to clarify, I mean actual tires, not pairs. So 2 pairs of Corsa Pro, 1 pair each of GP5000s and Criterium RS.

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That would be a minimum of 5 years stock for me… :scream:

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I got around 2,600 miles out of my previous Corsa Pros. So that’s just over 5,000 miles for those (2 pairs). The GP5000s have lasted longer from what I’ve read, which is good. I’m still running an older set of Criterium RS on my race bike and they still have life before I need to replace them. So I should be good for a while but I ride around 9-10 thousand miles a year so maybe I should have bought another set while I could have.

Let me know what you think of the flavor. I’ve only had their clear whey

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decent deal if that’s your size, Enve Melee Force size 52 30% off