Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2023)

FWIW, I bought a pair of these, and they immediately became my favorite pair, even over the Rapha that I have. Just bought a second set, the discount is still on.


As a HT rider whose frame maxes out at 2.3, this is the perfect description.

I’m definitely interested. If such a topic happens, please let me know!


Ok, I will get one starting tomorrow morning.

La Passione - 30% off selected items using code “SUNNY30

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I got a topic started. I will bookmark it to edit the OP with some general info, but feel free to start discussion on any geometry aspect you’d like. I coupled it with suspension since they are closely connected. Could get messy at times, but geo can’t be considered entirely on it’s own, especially when it comes to looking at use cases between different options.


Canyon is taking an additional 10% their outlet bikes. Some really good deals on there, including an Aeroad CFR with Red AXS power meter and DT Swiss Dicut 1100 wheels for like $8000. The one with 11sp Dura Ace is less than $6000.


That’s just the normal outlet price. I’ve been shopping. They raised the price 10% and then had a 10% off sale. Still a good deal.


So a 1% discount on “normal” prices then?

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Not as marketable.


Even with the 10% off when you put it in your cart? I’m not sure what you mean.

The 12sp Dura-Ace CFR frame is $7,000. The normal one is $9000.

I think he means that, a few weeks ago, Canyon put the prices on the outlet bikes up 10% so that they could then knock 10% off them now (in reality a 1% discount from the price pre-price rise)

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Oh, gotcha. Still a hell of a deal. $7000 for a top tier group on a top tier frame is a steal compared to the $14000 SL7s or similar.


Yeah the $26xx Neuron CF I was looking at last week is now $29xx (IIRC) + 10% off. Still a relative value

Wahoo Summer Sale - 20-40% off. Power pedals are 20%.

Pricing is available on all websites, not just Wahoo.


$40 off purchases of $200+ at The Pro’s Closet with code DCRAIN40
Applies to a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt v2, already at $230


@kiwifyx Well there goes my retirement fund… what a jackpot of good deals! Thank you so much for posting this!

Eliel is having a close out sale for the next 24 hours. Up to 40% off.


So I finally got around to assembling mine…holy hell is that thing tall!!

As I have my bike on a full rocking platform, I need extra height but I built mine up at the lowest height setting and it is arguably too high. I can’t even imagine why anyone would want the higher settings (which are Kevin Durant-esque!)

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Is there a code required?

I came across a few discounts with only XL available.