Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2018-2022)

Yeah, my H1 has served me well for several thousand hours with only a belt replacement. I feel like it can go into a well-earned retirement, but it’ll be nice to have as a back-up if there are any issues with the H3.

You can. When you check out Saris will ask you if you want to buy the 12sp free hub.

Quick clarification - That freehub option is for SRAM….If you are running Shimano 12 speed, you don’t need it.

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Right. 12 sp Shimano fits in 11sp Freehub

Also nobody has 12sp Shimano in stock so moot point lol

I just got Ultegra 12 from Excel Sports about a month ago and it was still available a few days ago. (ETA - just checked and it is still available)

It is definitely out there….

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Well, the Saris H3 deal worked a little too well for me. Told my wife about it and that we should order one to replace our Kickr Snap. She said it was a great deal and to get one for her too…Doh…now we have to revamp the pain cave to accommodate both of us riding simultaneously…This thread always ends up costing me a lot of $…


If she’s anything like my wife, she would explain how since it’s ON SALE, you saved money by spending money!


Funny, she definitely went there…lol


The product description is very confusing. Says use without spacer for XDR which is 12speed only, but then says not compatible with 12speed. Here’s a copy/paste of it…

  • SRAM XD compatible with cassette adapter included
  • SRAM XDR compatible without spacer
  • Works with Hammer, H2 and H3 trainers
  • 12-speed systems cannot be used with the H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer, as well as the CycleOps Hammer and H2.
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Got my H3 today as well. Not expecting it until tomorrow. GLad I got home before our severe thunderstorms roll through. It wasn’t even on the covered front steps, right in front of the trash cans!

Oh well. I’ll play with it next week. I got a race this weekend I gotta pack for (small sprint race).

JoelRivera-Sadly, I talked myself into this AND the 955…since I have small work bonus coming my way. LOL!

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Same problem here…I brought it up here initially and was told everything was included. I went ahead and ordered…we shall see.

My wife’s quote is, “Think of all the money we are saving!”


Bahah. You live in GA by chance as we had a severe thunder storm today but it was brief. I recently got a 1040 solar to replace my 530 a d just pulled the trigger on F7X sapphire to replace my F6X sapphire. Ha

Mine only had a 11 speed option. Do you have a link for the 12 speed?

I see shamano 12 speeds available online. Is there a particular one that works?

Thanks for all your help!

So when I ordered the Saris H3, I also ordered a Cassette. I didn’t think much about it and am now thinking that may not have been a good move. Has anyone else bought a Cassette with the Trainer from Saris? I assume it’s a knock-off? Any issues with it? Should I cancel that part and use a Shimano cassette instead (it hasn’t shipped yet)?

Any insights are appreciated!

I thought about the 7x, but figured my wife would not be happy. I’ve bought a LOT of cycling/tri stuff the last 2 years. She has always supported me and I really appreciate her “yes’s”

Since 2020 I’ve bought…
12/20 trek SC tri bike
2/21 HED jet black 60/90 set
7/21 specialized SL6 DISC
Garmin 1030
Garmin 530
12/21 Garmin 6x
12/21 HED rear disc
6/22 Garmin 955
6/22 Saris HE

Man, I’m ridiculous! I didn’t realize how much I’ve bought! Ha

I did also sell a bike and wheels, but I still spent a good deal

I know I’m likely in the minority here but I’ve enjoyed selling off my old bike and tri stuff. I decided I wasn’t doing triathlons (certainly not long distance) since I didn’t miss not doing it since the pandemic start. So sold my tri bike. Sold my first gravel bike. Sold wetsuits, bike shoes, some pedals, bike bags, etc.

It actually feels good. As much as I liked my bikes I’m riding my gravel bike 99% of the time. I’m keeping my road bike for now. Mtb isn’t worth anything so will keep it around. But paring my collection of equipment I don’t use is nice.


My Kickr came with a SunRace cassette. It’s been totally fine. I don’t shift as much on the trainer as I do on the road, haven’t noticed accelerated wear on it or on my chains.

But you can get the same cassette for less than Saris (or any trainer company) will sell you.

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I understand. I sold my stuff when we had our 1st kid 6.5 years ago. I actually got back into the sport due to covid. Kinda weird, but it helped me being off work and able to workout again. I have been able to stick with it for 2 years. Hoping to keep it going and maintain it as a habit. My goal is to keep at it till 50. Then reassess. No need for a disc brake bike for me. I’m really happy with my bike.