Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2018-2022)

This is how good that Saris deal/steal is/was. I told my wife what I did and the fact that nothing is wrong with my Kickr other than the Hammer is the trainer I wish I had gotten in the first place and she said, “well, yeah, then why wouldn’t you do that?”

So, when wife doesn’t even roll her eyes, you know it’s good. :rofl:


Is there any way for UK based peeps to order one? On the Saris website there’s no UK delivery option… :pleading_face:


Is it worth upgrading from a Wahoo Kickr Core from 2018 to the H3?

And is it worth upgrading from an Elite Suito to the H3? The Suito is super portable…

That is a pretty fine line for a difference there. The flywheel and overall feel on the H3 may be better for some, but others won’t notice the difference. The peak watts are higher on the H3 is about the only real performance difference than comes to mind.

The H3 folds up nicely and is a smaller package to move around, but it’s also damn heavy. So kind of a tossup there depending on your desire with respect to the Core.

Also, I can’t remember, but doesn’t the Core offer multiple BLE channels? If that is true like I know it is for the later Kickr’s, that is better than the single BLE on the H3.

As mentioned above, the H3 gets nice and small and around the same size (without checking stated dimensions at least). But the H3 is a porky 50+ lbs [22+ kg], so it’s not a paper weight. I move mine around for fits and it’s something I plan for and am careful to handle with my sometimes iffy back.

As to the worth vs the Suito, I don’t really know. I dislike the Elite trainers from about everything I’ve ever read, but never used one. Whenever I’ve seen someone swap from those to just about any other trainer (Kickr, Neo, H3, etc.) I’ve seen how much better the new one was vs the Elite. But that is limited info to be sure.

Code still works! My Kickr15 has been dying a slow death for a while but have been too busy buying bike parts to replace it. This was too good to pass up, hope it shows up!

I skimmed a DCRainmaker review on it, are they still incompatible with 12 speed XD cassettes (when you have the optional XD free hub obv)?

Thanks for the code!

Any duties to be paid shipping the H3 from US to Canada?

I also got a shipping notification on mine today, so….


Samesies. It says arriving on Saturday, so that would be fantastic.

I think this is the first time I’ve really honestly passed on an amazing deal like this because “the economy”. As a recent retiree, I have to learn curb my spending, and this is my first “do you REALLY need to spend that money” moment. I’m jealous of the rest of you! I picked a terrible time to take a package and retire early!

*This means my OG Neo will die any day now

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i passed also, as my hammer H2 works just fine, my wife was happy with my decision


I’m in the same boat, for a couple of reasons.

  1. Economy uncertainty.

  2. I don’t want a second trainer taking up room, so I would have to sell my current trainer, which is just a pain due to weight/shipping and these 2022 tax rules for selling >$600 of stuff on eBay in a year gets you a tax form from eBay that I would then have to work out what to do with.

If my trainer dies after this deal is done, then I’ll be switching to being a rower on my wife’s almost unused WaterRower :slight_smile:

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You mean you guys don’t just accumulate boxes of old cycling gear and years later look in the garage and wonder “How did I end up with all this?!” Haha, kidding, I will be selling my old trainer + my old KK locally for sure. I don’t mind a steep discount, especially for someone is getting into the sport.


So tempting, just so much uncertainty about if I can sell my current trainer, even for a low price.

Let’s have a 60% off code for some GRX-870 carbon gravel wheels!!!


I just messaged Saris about this but in the meantime, I’m wondering if anyone has experience using the H3 with a Shimano Ultegra 8150 12-speed drivetrain and if there will be compatibility issues?

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Thanks for the link!

UPDATE October 2021: Shimano’s 12 speed road drivetrains were announced recently for their Dura-Ace R9200 and Ultegra R8100 series. These 12 speed cassettes will fit on wheels and trainer freehub bodies as long as they’re 11 speed Hyperglide freehub bodies.

Now the question is: does the H3 come with an 11spd Hyperglide freehub? I assume the answer is “yes” but I’ve been unable to confirm.

Yup, the Saris stuff is a standard 11s HG FH.

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