DC Rainmaker Annual Open Winter House party

Was there anyone from TR at the DC Rainmaker Annual Open Winter House party in Amsterdam?

I hear Zwift, Fulgaz, Rouvy, Relive, Tacx etc were all there.

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I was at the open house last weekend! It was good fun. really cool to roam through the gadgets, a nice variety of beer and a brief chat with @dcrainmaker and @GPLama! very welcoming experience.


The video of the podcast we recorded live will be up… soon… maybe. It’s 49GB because someone thought it was a good idea to record in 4K :wink: (and it was… it was just a really BIG result) :wink:



Nice! @GPLama Can’t wait to watch it! Been a long time subscriber to yours and Ray’s. Just wish I had an opportunity to visit but seeing how i’m on the left coast, it’s just not convenient. :slight_smile:

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Ok, a bit delayed (my bad), but the full episode is up here:

And the full post of photos here: