Damage to tyre on the turbo

I’ve just been using my usual bog standard tyres on the trainer rather than a trainer tyre, how do I know if they need replacing before I go back out on the road, they are pretty smooth after a full winter on the trainer

Do they have a flat spot ? and thin are they compared to say the front one ? if you look at them from behind and they are flat across the contract point rather than rounded you could be in trouble cornering … if they are thin you’ll soon be getting punctures

When I had wheel on trainer I used a dedicated (old/cheap) wheel, I would never use that wheel/tyre on the road after any extended use. Would be too concerned about grip (and punctures)

After many months on the trainer my tyres would look a bit shiny for sure. I once had a buttock clenching moment of fear going round a corner in the wet on an old, shiny tyre that covinced me to keep my old tyres for the trainer and save my good tyres for the road. Eventually i got really sick of my tyres squeeking on the trainer though so bought a trainer tyre and i’ve never looked back.

The heat from using your road tyre on a trainer is likely to severely shorten the life of the tyre. I always use a trainer tyre permanently set up on a spare wheel.