Cyclocross with Bone Spurs?

Hello. New user of TrainerRoad here, currently working through SSB Low Vol I. I took up cycling last year after developing a severe case of plantar fasciitis while running. Podiatrist diagnosed me with bone spurs in one foot, advised me not to run again.

Now that I’ve been cycling for a few months, I was wondering if it is a good idea to take up cyclocross, given that some sections require the rider to dismount and run while carrying a bike. My podiatrist isn’t familiar enough with cyclocross to make a judgement. Does anyone here have an opinion on this?

No experience here, but I’m commenting to help bump you back up for another shot at a community response :slight_smile:

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Running in CX is minimal - at most it’s up a short flight of steps or steep bank. After a couple of laps it’s more like a fast walk anyhow! I’d say the furthest I’ve run with my bike is about 20 paces.

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Thanks for the help. It’s tough to find doctors with specific knowledge of this cycling discipline, so I thought I’d give this forum a shot

That’s good to know. I will likely need to get an insole if I’m doing any kind of running in my cycling shoes

Keep in mind too that while running is often short, it’s also usually hopping obstacles or rough, uneven, mud, etc. terrain when you run. So in terms of stress on your feet that might be important.

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