Cycling Memes and Jokes

And looks like the pads are on the inside.

Is that the latest advert for Peloton where it comes with its own indoor outside effects?

@libreus I dig it. It’s hilarious!

@Peter_Graham @PhydomiR oh, come on guys. :slightly_smiling_face: Srsly, you don’t get it?

Run program .exe IF input joke = “Ppl hate cyclists.” + input joke = “Ppl hate vegans.” THEN output combined joke = “If you want to be super hated on, go out cycling in kit that blares “VEGAN” in people’s faces. You’ll collect middle fingers like Mario collects coins! :laughing:

It’s hilarious! :laughing:

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Whilst its hilarious, its yet another thing ostracising cyclists as an annoying out group, so I’m a bit conflicted over this type of humour :upside_down_face:


Wasn’t intending to comment on this further but as you’ve @ me in thread @Chris1982

There is another group represented in that photo that I don’t feel particularly comfortable laughing at being ‘hated’. Is the joke ‘when being a cyclist doesn’t make you hated enough make it worse by being openly LGBT’?

That’s why I asked the question what is the joke?

I don’t think, although I could be wrong, that people would be comfortable hating on other defined characteristics but it’s ok to hate cyclists, vegans, LGBT? Anything else you would be comfortable adding to the list?

I would prefer to try and make this forum as inclusive as possible. We are all here because we love riding bikes but this joke/meme comes over as ‘well we ride bikes but at least I’m not vegan or gay’. I’m sure it wasn’t the intention of the poster but I’m comfortable with how I’ve responded to it.


Hang one when did anyone say anything about him being gay?

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I’m not certain this is a man. This is a slippery slope we’re going down and it’s a joke thread. I’d prefer to all agree that it’s humor that can be hurtful to some people (as a lot of humor is) and move on.

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“Comedy is where the mind goes to tickle itself.”

Jokes are funny. Jokes are offensive. Whether youre laughing, or offended is an opinion. Youre entitled to your opinion. Asking someone to laugh at something they are offended about is as capricious as asking someone to be offended about something that is funny to them.
Have your opinion
Hell, even state it if you want to.
But requesting someone to change their opinion because you prefer your opinion isn’t reasonable or productive.


Not sure why you tagged me, since I got it. Just don’t find it quite as hilarious as you, quite the opposite in fact. But if you, or others find it funny, be my guest. :+1:

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@Peter_Graham never even thought of the LGBT thing, honestly. And I don’t think that was the focus, or even side point, of the joke.

(Guess I am too “metropolitan” to have even noticed the hair colour. Honestly didn’t notice until you mentioned it, had to go back and be like “What?” I live in a huge city. Crap, I wore my hair fire engine red for a year and a half. And still, it’s just a person w purple hair. Nobody knows or cares how they identify. They identify as a cyclist and a vegan, and that’s enough for this joke! :slightly_smiling_face:)

Only and legit in defence of OP, I think it really is as simple as it seems:

“LOL bc ppl hate cyclists and also hate vegans.” :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a cyclist. I’m laughing. You’re (I gather?! :slightly_smiling_face::heart:) a cyclist.

Let’s just laugh. It’s funny. That’s sorta the point of this thread, ya?

And honest apologies if @ mentioning you ticked you off. I do it all the time, and hope others do it to me, if they want to talk to me / get my attention. :slightly_smiling_face::heart: It’s zero intent of like “confrontationally calling you out” or anything gross like that.

Thoughts? :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Adding. I’ve spent hours re-drafting comments and posts to be a positive member of this forum. I also have many LGBT friends; gay, trans, queer, etc. I have also visited the HOMOMONUMENT in Amsterdam and spent about an hour there sobbing in a useless heap.

I would like to reach out to you and say I appreciate your position and your defence of those in need of support. But trust me. You missed the target on this one. :heart:


I’m not going to comment on this any further other than to say I haven’t edited or amended any of my posts. Re read them if anyone wishes to. I haven’t told anyone what they can and cannot find funny. I’ve asked what the joke is. It’s been explained. I don’t find the ‘joke’ funny. Apparently I’ve missed the target but I’m not sure what target it was I took aim at :man_shrugging:t2:

2 of the 3 categories shown it that picture apply to me. Within my household we have all 3 bases covered. IMO posting stuff like this doesn’t promote ‘being excellent to each other’ that is rule 1 of the forum and probably makes the forum feel a little less accepting of all of it’s members.

Anyway I’m out of here

@Peter_Graham don’t leave. This is a place of love and acceptance.

(Aaaaaright, ppl, we’re doin’ a side bar, if ya came for the jokes, sidestep and go to the next one.)

I understand now. Cyclist and vegan? And have an LGBT person in your house? Nobody ever meant you harm, or even made little of your struggles.

I’m in Toronto. Pretty sure we’re at about 24 dead since Jan 1. Cyclists. Or more. Some, yes, being dastardly, but most totally in their lane. Dead. I ride here.

Vegan, ya that’s a tough one. But you seem like a nice person who doesn’t barge into a room screaming at everyone who eats animals. And because of that, I would happily prepare you a fully (as in not even pan touching) vegan meal, to join my friends and me at a nice dinner in the back yard.

Pretty sure most ppl in this forum would. :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

And LGBT? Come on. F off. They (the haters) are on the out. They’re dying. Like cancer. We’re cutting them out like the disgusting tumour they are. I gather you have a young one in that spectrum.

Their wedding chairs will be full. No matter the capacity. It will be a day of love.

And as they walk down the street, this is 2024. Not 2003. If two people step out to them to challenge them and make them feel bad, sixty will step out to defend them. And….peace and love to the poor souls who decried them in the first place. Not….gonna be a good evening. Pray they wake to see the next dawn’s sun. Because they may not.

Love you, buddy. Zero side hits.

All brothers under this one sun. :heart:

EDIT: Was an MC at a gay wedding. For one of my best friends marrying the love of his life.

F anyone who doesn’t think that is beautiful.

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We need to re-rail this as funny.


I’m thinking….

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Well over in the U.K. :uk: there’s been a big announcement.

I’m not that surprised, and I think whether you’re a red or blue or something else you may be more interested, but it’s been obvious to most people that there’s been a big decline, lots of Financial mismanagement, poor results although it’s not events within their control, and even though it’s been a possibility I don’t think the man in the street would find much that affects him.
But enough about Chelsea FC’s manager, apparently there’s an election?

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There are cyclist, vegans, cross fitters, and many other factions of society that have the reputation of being a bit “in your face” about their passions and culture. And it seems like the most vocal ones often get offended when they are the targets of jokes. I personally love being goofed on as a spandex-wearing old dude riding a bike all over town (it’s pretty funny, right?), but I’m also a glutton for self-deprecation and probably make fun of myself more than others do. Race and sexual orientation related jokes don’t have a place on a forum like this, but I didn’t see anything in the pic beyond goofing on cycling and vegan stereotypes (funny, just not cross fit funny). If there was a sexual orientation angle, I didn’t see it and I’d suggest that folks might be reading too much into colored hair. While I respect someone’s right be be offended (with intent or not), I also respect people’s right to goof on things they find funny within reason.


@mcneese.chad where is the “love” button?

I swear. I’m thinking so so hard right now.

Hey, F you all. I’ve posted a few memes that got at least 4 likes. You idiots. I’m a gosh darn rock star! :broken_heart::face_vomiting::slightly_smiling_face:


A lot of love and respect for the CrossFit reset :joy:

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@grwoolf agree w grwoolf.

It was just a joke on cycling and vegans.

Never did the LGBT cross into it, mate. :wink:(Aussie accent coming on now.)

Did y’wanna take a look at my deck, mate? Think the contractor right F’ed the back footing. My d’’s all offside, mate.

Ya deck, mate?

Yea, roight. My deck. It’s right offside, mate. Can’t be level.

You’re deck can’t be level, mate?

Rouihgt. My deck can’t be level. :heart:

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