Cycling and running unsynced macrocycles - anybody tested?

Hi guys,

I have dozen of running seasons under my belt but fairly new to cycling, being in my third year and second structured “off-season” behind me.

This winter and spring i was on TR LV SSB indoors (did 1 x Base + 2 x Build) and, as weather for running was good and I was hoping spring races will happen, i was pushing my speed running workouts the same time. I saw some running and FTP gains (around +2-3% per Ramp Test, went from 237 to 262 FTP - 3.3 w/kg to 3.7 w/kg in 4-5 months), but all together was pretty tough for my legs at times.

As life happens, I don’t always sleep well and have fair share of stress at work I was thinking if it makes any sense to unsync macro-cycles for bike and run, that is: from spring to autumn build bike base outside (with some SS and VO2max accents) and push the running, while from autumn to spring do the opposite and do mostly running base outside and push bike intensity indoor (with TR plan).

Anyone tried this? What pros and cons do you see?