Cycling after a hemorrhoidectomy

Hi folks, anyone with experience of getting back to cycling after a hemorroidectomy?

How long until back on the bike? How limited were you in terms of time on the bike and getting the power out? etc.

(I’ll get my consultant’s opinion also of course)

I had a ligation two times, and I seem to recall that the recovery was around 5 or so days. Seemed like a pretty fast recovery.

Thanks. Mine are for the chop unfortunately, so I think the recovery’s a fair bit worse.

Ouch! Sorry to read that. My doc told me that as well, if my ligation didn’t work. Hope you have a fast recovery.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I was wondering about this too. I’m not a road cyclist like you guys but was cycling 3 or 4 times a week for general fitness. I’ve searched the net for opinions about this and there’s not much available. I asked my surgeon and he was pretty non-committal. Medics won’t say it’s OK if they don’t know and because there is no data available, they don’t know. I had the operation 18 months ago. I’ve been back on the bike a couple of times but tbh if there was a chance that cycling would cause further issues that would require another operation I’d sell the bikes tomorrow. I go to the gym for fitness now, but I really would like to be back on the bike.

I had Halo Rar on Friday which just involves stitching things up and no cutting. My consultant’s happy for me to get back cycling as soon as I feel any pain or gut/toilet issues are manageable. It’s been a pretty grim few days but hoping to go for a spin over the weekend.

I was going to be getting a standard hemorrhoidectomy - ie cutting them off - and consultant said I’d be fine doing my job which involves heavy lifting once the pain had gone, which might have been as soon as three weeks but could be longer. Hadn’t mentioned cycling at that stage but basically he said all exercise and no reason to think cycling would be worse than heavy lifting. Personally I’ve always found it really helped with my piles - good for the circulation!