Cyclecross into Ultramarathon

Hello all
This year I have done three months of cycle-cross including the cycle-cross specific plan.
After Christmas I will return to training for marathon and ultra marathon events in the spring time.
This block of cycle-cross has improved my VO2 and I don’t want to lose it by doing sweetspot 1 as there is no VO2 workouts.
Am i better off doing sweetspot 2 twice or maybe just add in some VO2 workouts to the standard sweetspot 1 then 2?
Thanks in Advance

Are you talking about running events?

No, mountain bike racing

Hey Cabbage!

It’s important to keep in mind that TrainerRoad is periodized training. There is a time and place for all types of stimulus, and by periodizing your training stimulus, you can continually challenge your body in different ways, leading to fitness gains.

When starting SSB I, you certainly may lose VO2 in the short term. However, by resetting and focusing on developing your Base during the Base Phase, you will be a faster rider when it comes time to race. Even Crit and Cyclocross Specialists take a break from VO2 to complete their Base Phase :slight_smile: That VO2 fitness will come stronger than ever when VO2 efforts are reintegrated into your training during SSB II and the Build Phase.


Thanks Bryce, sound advice.