Cx limiter advice

I’m finding in cx races that I can hold my own in technical sections and short sprints or climbs but losing out in longer drags, ie like today a 90 second straight into the wind on a slight uphill all the way. Basically I feel I am lacking power on these kind of sections.

Any thought on workouts that would help over the next few weeks (have about 6 races left) to help out with this and whether I should be focussing more on threshold than VO2 workouts

Are you gassed when it comes time to do the 90 seconds? 90 second power is a nice big VO2 effort. You can also really get a good improvement in power at VO2 max in 6 weeks.

What about something like this workout? Log In to TrainerRoad

Although it’s not 90 seconds (only 50) the repeatability is going to be awesome. If this one becomes easy you could move on to longer “on” portions.

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