CV-19 Indoor riding: What road skill will you miss most?

Since we have gone to full lock down and it looks like riding outside will be a tad difficult to do for the foreseeable. What skillz are you looking forward to reacquainting yourselves with in the summer?

Blowing snot rockets? Taking the bidon out of the bottle cage instead of off the shelf? Cornering all by your little self using the steering? (Actual banking into turns?) . Wearing a jersey? Wearing a Skid Lid and goggles? Being able to reach stuff in your back pockets? Fixing a puncture? Shaving the pistons? What?

Descending is not in high demand in this neck of the woods…

accurate spitting

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I can envisage a progressive training scheme there: Start with a bucket on the floor and work down to an old open bidon. Should see you good come the day.

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that last minute pothole avoidance!

(and I know I should be scanning to see them early, but on UK roads this sometimes means picking the least bad pothole to ride through)


Surely the UK policy of keeping construction going and the otherwise empty roads of a lockdown compliant populace shall give us all TdF class surfaces come summer… but fair point the road furniture in this part of the world is a thing. Crashed into a few of them myself. Maybe I will get the kids to randomly sneak in and try to whack my front wheel with a tennis racket in preparation.

Not sure that practicing bunny hops on the Neo is the best idea though…

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I’m a Triathlete, so…


Transitions man, transitions… how you gonna keep those sweet?

Some of the holes I had to avoid last minute could have swallowed my bike whole!

Was particularly concerned when the only option to avoid the obvious hole was to ride of the part of tarmac still covered in water potentially hiding more of the things.

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The north Dublin roads of my youth were famed for their billiard table finish. On one memorable occasion a 3 km arterial stretch was fouled up for months as they resurfaced the whole thing. A week after they had finished the Gas board dug a huge trench down the middle to relay the mains… no joke.

There were a few patches where I swear I could see guys with tin helmets and bayonets in the holes.

I never ride through puddles. I have had too many friends do serious damage that way.


I avoid it where at all possible but got caught out a couple of times yesterday… Hopefully the good weather will hold and there won’t be puddles for much longer


First off…kudos to your powers of optimism thinking this will be over by summer.

Secondly…looking forward to reacquainting with speed, plain and simple velocity. I’ve lost all sense of movement, 120w is the same as 520w. Fast, slow…it’s all the same.

As for skillz…braking! Goes hand-in-hand with speed. My bike is covered in trainer sweat except my brake levers which have a thick coating of dust. Lost all sense of slowing down and stopping power/distance.


Which year though…?

Top point on speed. I look forward filling my shorts on anything over 20kmph and death gripping the bar at 30…

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Since I’m on the slow end of my group, the things I’ll miss most: Sitting in. Drafting. Skipping pulls. Getting dropped.


Well, not a skill, but those long 5 hours weekend rides…

I believe we are now to refer to that as social distancing. (cf Meme thread)


Oh yes. That Wheredefugami moment a third of the way in is a particular choice experience I look forward to discovering afresh. Although GPS has taken some of the edge off it.

As a newbie to the 5hr club, I say it’s definitely a skill!

Now referring to social distancing as physical distancing. The amount of foot traffic has decreased in my neighbourhood by 95% but the amount of across-the-street shouting has increased by 95%. :laughing:

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You do know you can still ride outside solo if you want to ?
In fact I would highly recommend it due to the lovely weather and lack of traffic.

My reason I won’t do that is marginal for sure. I have mates in the health care profession I cannot contemplate any additional load on them. If anything happened out there that required emergency services for something as trivial as my desire to ride a bike; well it would not sit well with me. Not at all likely for sure but I won’t even contemplate it while they are putting themselves through this. YMMV


feeling the wind + being away from my girlfriend