"Customizable Volume"

What I found in 1.5 seasons I’ve trained with Trainerroad is that the most difficult thing for me is not to turn up for every single session but to commit over an hour. I love the potency of a trainer ride however I can’t stand the mental part for an extended period. It’s just so damn boring. Outside I can ride 5 hours no issue but inside, 1 hour seems like my sweet spot.

Having said that, I wish there was a way to pick “Mid Volume” for example, and swap all the 75-90 minute rides with 60 minutes ones. I know I can manually do it but I wish there was an option when you’re setting up your schedule like “how many minutes max per ride do you have to ride” or something.

Maybe it’s just me?

I think its something which comes with time. I used to be like you in that i could only do 60mins, but as i did more trainer stuff, 90-120mins goes by quite fast.

In saying that, yeah agree would be a nice option

Long distance triathlete here, so I have no choice. I got a 32” TV on a swivel with a firestick and some Bluetooth headphones and it definitely makes the time pass with Netflix, Prime Video, etc and then computer is just to my right in my peripheral.

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I have a very good setup and double screens. It’s not it honestly.
I’d rather ride 45 mins-60 mins 6 days / week and do a 4 hour outside ride on Sunday than having a couple 90 min rides during the week on trainer.

So I like shorter rides that add up to more riding per week than a couple long ones on the trainer but less hours weekly if that makes sense. Both for mental and schedule reasons. It would be a nice option to have while you design your training program for people like me.

Hey! We definitely have some open feature requests to have more specific identifiers within Plan Builder for fields such as time allotted for workouts, but in the meantime, you should feel free to utilize the +/- modifications of each workout to shorten what’s prescribed in Plan Builder. That way, instead of using a bunch of time looking for 60 min workouts, you can still stick to the comprehensive goal of the plan/workout by shortening it. :+1:

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