Custom workouts and progression levels

Is there anyway of overruling progression levels / manually downgrading them?
I have a custom workout that I like to do occasionally (Log In to TrainerRoad) that has been given a workout level of 9.2 VO2. The reality is that it is no where near that hard and having it rated as 9.2 screws up my adaptive training plan. With VO2 repeats my genuine progression level is probably somewhere around 6.
If it’s not possible to overwrite my progression levels, it is possible to edit the workout level on a custom workout?

Not at this time, apologies.

The developer’s top priority currently is Levels V2, which will appropriately categorize custom workouts, and unstructured outside rides for Adaptive Training.

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Thanks for the reply Ivy. I’m looking forward to the update that properly categorizes outside rides (probably far more important than custom workouts) - that will be a massive step forward for AT.