Custom length training phases and load-recovery cycles

Hey there,

It would be really cool if one could create one’s own macro- and mesocycles of loading and recovery. So, I could tell the programme to create a training plan with a 12-week base period using a 3:1 load-recovery cycle. After that, I’d schedule, for example, a 9-week build phase with a 2:1 load-recovery cycle, followed by a 2-week specialty phase.

This could either be something like a TrainNow+ where TN decides on the workouts in the context of the present training phase (in this case, you wouldn’t even need to schedule the recovery weeks as long as you know how often and when you want to do them), or an adaptation of the existing base, build and specialty plans to the custom training phases.


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Hey Till!

Thanks for the suggestion. In the future, we plan on making our Training Plans more customisable with regard to individual recovery needs. Your suggestion is interesting, and could be a consideration for future iterations of Plan Builder. I will be sure to pass this on to the team so that they can consider this as we continue to refine Plan Builder.

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Thanks Sarah :slight_smile:

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