CTL Check! Jun/2024

10 hour recovery week :exploding_head:

CTL hit 73 here a day or so ago, but I’m getting ready to finish build / threshold work next week, then it’s a recovery week before starting to build volume/tss/fatigue resistance through end of July. Currently probably +25W since Leadville last year although I’ll have a better sense of that in a couple weeks.

9 Weeks until Lutsen, 15 weeks until Leadville. Last year over the same time my CTL went up 30+ so we’ll see where I end up…

Bit of an up and down week….had two really good gravel rides in Bentonville Tues & Weds and was on track for another 1K TSS week.

Took Thursday off due to an…ahem “undercarriage” issue and then flew down to FL yesterday. Had booked the early flight so I could get a couple of hours in once I landed, but our flight got diverted to Ft Lauderdale because there was a plane stuck on the runway in Palm Beach. By the time we got to a gate, refueled and got going again, it was too late to get the ride in once we landed.

So two days of 0’s impacted my CTL this week. Just did ~4 hours on the road and honestly, my legs are a little flat right now. Gonna still log some decent miles while I am down here, but just gonna Z2 it.

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I was just guessing based on 20+ hour loading weeks.

It might be as low as 9! :wink:


Solid day on the gravel bike today and just hit 118 CTL. Feeling surprisingly fresh after 3 pretty big weeks and I’m heading into a really big overload week (final big push before tapering for unbound). Will definitely be hitting my all-time high CTL a week from now.


Just looked back at my last 3 recover weeks…

13:00 (600 TSS)
11:30 (550 TSS)
10:15 (500 TSS)

Since I’m building towards 1100 TSS work weeks, my recovery TSS builds along with it. I schedule to do -5 ramp rate for recovery weeks.


I’m curious to know what training you do to get your weekly profile, as circled. Or what settings you using to show your weekly training. Looks like a perfect ramp up.

I ask, my profile, the circled sections are three weeks each unlike your one week each. The large spikes at end of each week is usually a 6-8 hour ride with a sudden drop off as Sundays are off bike/feet up days.

I’m pushing between 18-22 hours weekly with rest weeks around the 12 hours.

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Yeah, I’ve been pretty consistent for the last few blocks and watching my stress balance pretty close. I retired last year, so this year is really the first time I’ve had the ability to do decent hours during the week. I’m generally riding long (5+ hours) on Tues, Thurs, Saturday and then short endurance/easy filler days between them. 2 of those long days will typically include an hour or so of structured intervals/intensity. The view I’m looking at is just the standard 180 day view in intervals.icu, but I had just clipped out the last few blocks. Here is the full view, not quite as smooth. I started a decent/easy ramp in December, but had an injury in mid Jan that derailed me for a while, but have been super consistent since then.


Got into the sick house at the end a recent recovery week, was less than ideal but crushing the hard workouts again, maybe it was needed.

I’m probably going too easy on recovery weeks too, are all your hitters pushing 100+ using a formula to calculate hours for the easier weeks?

As I’m mostly following TR rides and endurance outside, eFTP isn’t working so good :joy:

I go pretty easy on recovery weeks, but I’m also 55 and feel like the reset helps me. Just do it by feel, might stay off the bike mostly or do some endurance stuff. That said, I only take mon-fri as true recovery and I’m usually back to a big volume ride on saturday. So, my weekly TSS on a recovery week is still ~50% of normal volume (much of that lumped into the saturday ride).

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Yup, same.

I clearly need a recovery week as both rides this weekend have been felt harder than they should have. Relatively low effort (highZ2) w/ reasonable distance but legs just feel tired. Hitting some of the overpasses here in FL has just felt awful and can’t really sustain any decent power.

So Mon-Fri is gonna be easy, but it will be hard mentally. I am still in FL for two more days and then I am back in Bentonville on Thursday. Not taking advantage of either place for some good long rides seems like such a waste!!

But I know I need the rest, so just gotta suck it up.


May I ask you what’s your FTP now? (In watt/kg)

Smoked myself pretty good yesterday with a big jump, but it’s been steady progress for me since the middle of February (COVID early January, then some testing work where it took a little while to start really building again).

Two more hard Threshold workouts this week to end build before a rest week, then I really start focusing on volume and race specific TTE work.

After yesterday, I should now be close to last season’s high CTL by end of this week.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try. Mostly out of curiosity for me. And to get a better understanding of this additional metric.

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Just coming off a recovery week, so I’m down to 119. I’m now starting Build 2 this week. At the end of this three week Build my CTL should be around 134. That will likely be the high for the season and I’ll start tapering into my A race (100 mile MTB).

An interesting side note. I raced at the end of a 3 week Build with heavy fatigue and did relatively well. Also, raced at the end of a recovery week being quite fresh (did NOT do openers the day before) and also preformed well. :man_shrugging:t4:

"Fall down a well, eyes go cross. Get kicked by a mule. They go back. I don’t know…

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I started to realize that ~85 CTL is when I perform the best. I just finished a 3-week block and started my recovery week, CTL at 92 today, and I’m dead. My legs felt like jelly, no power at all. I know that by the end of this week, I will be fresh, and power will be back. CTL will be around 85.

So, either I found a way to put lots of hours in low endurance to increase TSS without too much fatigue so that my CTL can go up without feeling like trash, or that’s it.

Considering that I am not eager to increase my 13/15 hours a week, nor there is a competition for TSS/CTL, I am ok with that. I started to find the sweet spot.

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I wanted to know if you found that your fitness/FTP/durability etc has improved in a comesured way with the high volume you are doing.

I’m at 4.2 w/kg with a max CTL of 77 (so far), 140h this year….

Yes but if your peak was 100 - 105 and then you came down to 90 would your performance be potentially better?

I dont think anyone performs at the top of their game at peak CTL. You need that backing off period and absorb the training to get fresher, then peak performance comes. Aka a good taper.


100%. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, but more importantly I’m not falling apart later in the race (2-3 hours). This has always been a problem of mine. Now my durability is through the roof and instead getting dropped or hanging onto a group by a thread, I’m instead thinking of tactics and planning my sprint.

Still very early in the season and only 3 races in so far. However, everything is pointing in the right direction. I’m motivated to race, happy with my performances and don’t ever see myself reducing volume as long as I’m racing.


My peak CTL is around 92ish, that’s why I think that to get 100+ the only way is to increase low endurance rides, I can’t handle more intensity than this.