CTL Check! Feb/2024

You shouldn’t. Doing so is a bit like using the tip of a steak knife as a screwdriver. You’re not going to get the screw out, and you’re going to break the knife while you’re at it.


I’m on 51 atm - Unstructured training for the past year. Just riding my MTB 3 days a week - if the weather is bad I might do a threshold session or zwift race once a week. I tend to max around 65 or 70… not sure how you guys are doing double that! Amazing.

Am around 4.3 wkg now and peak around 4.7 wkg. I wonder what I could do if I could get as consistent as you guys! I don’t enjoy racing so I don’t really care to forgo my outdoor mtb rides of structured indoor rides.

Somewhat related topic:

As far as I know, CTL is not a measure of fitness, so having a higher or lower number doesn’t necessarily tell you’re strong or weak. It’s just a number to try and measure what you’ve been doing, what will happen if you do this or that, etc. And then try to balance it avoiding doing too much, or even too little.

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How do you remove running from intervals.icu’s fitness tab, and only keep cycling?

I noticed that strength training contributes to fatigue only, not fitness, by default.

Click “Options”, “FTP”, down arrow next to “FTP”, down arrow by all the “types” and you should see all the different types to select/unselect

This just adds a Ride FTP graph, but it does not change neither the form nor the training load graph, right ?

That is correct.

(And TSS is not intended to be a predictor of training induced changes in performance.)

… which is illogical, since the time course of the waning of decrements in performance due to training seems to be significantly longer for resistance training than cycling (running is also different).

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There is a chart called something like ‘Isolated Swim Bike Run’

You can click on the left axis and a dialogue box opens where you can pick the activities for each plot or delete a plot. I.e you can delete swim if you dont swim.

Apologies. With a little more tinkering, I think you’re correct. Sometimes I have a hard time figuring things out in Intervals. It’s why I still pay for TP.

Almost 3 months of base just hit CTL 100


For interest sake, care to share what you did/were doing for your base workouts?

Mostly Z2 with increasing intensity

1st block: 1 day of tempo-bursts per week 19-20hr weeks
2nd: 1 day of tempo-bursts + 1 day of tempo 18hr weeks
3rd: 1 day of threshold + 1 day of sweet spot 17 hour weeks


One way to do this would be to go to your calendar and switch to list view.

Set your time period for however long you want and create a filter that shows just activity type ‘run’.

Then select all the runs and click edit at the top. Then select ‘update settings’ and select ‘ignore power/hr/pace’ etc and this will update all your run activities.

They should then not feature in your main fitness chart…

I think :wink:

What kind of ramp rate do you guys have?

Generally I like to keep it about 5 +/- 1. Depending on the phase, that may look like 4 after a recovery week and no higher than 6 by week 3 of a 4 week cycle. Recovery weeks tend to be -5 ramp rate.

I don’t mind going a bit higher of a ramp ramp on week 3 before a recovery week if I’m feeling good. However, this is not the norm.

I try and keep it between 5-8. But that obviously gets harder the higher your CTL is…at some point you just plateau.

The last week has kinda wrecked my ramp rate and CTL…long days of travel to Taiwan were big 0’s for at least two days last week. Sitting flat at 85 right now, but will be up to 87 by the end of the week. Was at 88 a few weeks ago, so pretty flat right now…but there was also a rest week in there along with the travel week.

Definitely feeling the need to ramp things up as Unbound gets closer and closer… :scream:

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3ish. :smiley:

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Me too, 2-3ish.