CTL Check! April/2024

"All around the world
Everywhere I go
No one understands me
No one knows
What I’m trying to say

No one understands me
They look at me when I talk to them
And they scratch their heads
They go what’s he trying to say

But you, you speak my language
Yeah you, you speak my language"


CTL is calculated using an exponentially-weighted moving average with a default time constant of 42 d. That means that it mostly (~90%) reflects what you have done for the last ~3 months.

A simple rolling average over the last 42 d is not CTL, period.


After PBP I took a month off, then another month mostly off. Then since November I’ve been sick or injured for almost half of the days. :man_shrugging: First bout of COVID ever, then a few colds, then a week of working overnights, then mastoiditis, then an ACL injury, then gastro complicated by a mild ileus for a week, then invasive GAS, bleh. I’ve been sick more in the past 4 months than in the past 7 years based on my training notes.

My CTL is like 35 lol. FTP is still reasonable though, just a bit south of 300, probably thanks to lots of long term training volume.

I have no big events planned for this year, the main goal was to just focus on riding for fun as a break before the next big thing in a few years.

So the bright side of all of this is that’s it really forced me to not go too deep into training and helps keep me mentally fresh at least. Can’t break your goal of just riding for fun when you can barely average 6 hours of riding a week.


42 CTL, got into unbound which has been a wakeup call to get my ass in gear.


TR plan builder, high volume, set the days you can train more to reflect more hours. That ends up around 800-900 TSS. I don’t follow the plans too strictly though. It’s more I know I want to complete 3 key workouts a week (vo2, threshold and sweetspot), and then fill all the remaining time with z2 which usually means one 4-5hr ride, another 3-4hr ride and a couple 1-2hr rides. Sometimes do a workout and then a separate endurance ride, or add 20-30mins of z2 on the end of workouts. Then add bike commuting on to that 4-5 days a week at 50mins a day and it’s hard to keep the CTL under 100.


Intervals.icu uses “42 day exponentially weighted moving average of your training load”

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Any specific formula for this?

According to Intervals.icu a incredible 15 as of yesterday… Basically down from 54 in November thanks to Covid, then lingering Cough into Pneumonia in addition to a lot of Sickness with the kids, including a Hospital visit this Weekend… Hope to start training full this week again… Still 6 months to my A Event so I should be ok, but I probably wont hit my goals i had in November…


62, down from 112 in September, and hovering at 95-100 all the way through the start of December.

Second A-Race is in five weeks.

I just want to be training and riding consistently and hope for the best :crossed_fingers:.

If I make it back to 75-80 I’d be satisfied.


Combined or bike only?

If combined what is your bike only?

I’m at 32 lol. Lowest in years, competition in 4 months here. I’ll get up to 100 than, went easy for 2 months to go hard for 10 again :wink:


A good post to get depressed by looking others numbers.
CTL 28 right now, looking for increase it to 80 until june without burning out.


I use TR, but not really TR plans per se. I’m in General Build but swap Saturdays with SS. With Plan Builder, I change every weekday to 2 hours and weekends to 3 hours.

Using TrainingPeaks I’ve set my goal CTL for my “A” race. I let it calculate my training plan based off of TSS per week needed to reach my CTL goal. Then, I alter TR workouts to ensure I hit my TSS goals for the week.

As for now in Base, that’s 2 hour SS workouts on Tues, Thurs, Sat, then all else z2. Each week I plan out what days and how much TSS, then just extend workouts to hit TSS goals. Below is more or less what I do each week and adjust as needed.

Mon: 30-50 tss
Tue: 125-165 tss
Wed: 100-125 tss
Thu: 150-175 tss
Fri: 75-100 tss
Sat: 150-200 tss
Sun: 150-200 tss


Assuming you are on a conti team or close to getting a contract? Thats a lot of riding.

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lol, no. I’m a 47yo dad of 3 with a full time job!


Curious, of the allotted 120 minutes, how much, (I assume not all of it) of SS is spent TiZ (time in zone)?
A 2 hour SS workout is not the full 120 minutes at SS zone, similarly, not all 2 hour SS workouts will be the same wrt TiZ.
Do you do the same 2 hour SS workout all three days? What is each day TiZ of SS of said workouts?

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see above sample week, I edited my post. Like this:


So a 165 minute SS workout is actually 80 minutes TiZ. Would that 50% average be applicable across all your 2 hour SS workouts?

I ask, as when one talks about Z2 endurance, it is accepted that the whole workout duration is done at Z2, give or take 10 minutes for lead-in and warm down. Similarly, when one says they do a 2 hour SS workout, I am always curious if it is a full 120 minutes TiZ, or a portion of that 2 hour SS workout is TiZ.

Not scrutinizing but asking for clarity. I would think a full 120 minute TiZ SS workout would be across a 3-4 hour workout in itself.

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For SS workouts, I choose TR SS workouts with a 2 hour duration. Then I just ensure they are “Productive” based on my Progression Levels. This means either more TiZ or a higher % of FTP. I don’t really pay much attention to much else, as long as the next workout is about 0.3 higher Progression Level and aim for about a total 1.0 progression level increase per week. This ensures overload. I don’t get too caught up in all the TiZ and z2 talk. I’ve found it doesn’t really matter and volume is king. So, just getting the work done and don’t fuss with the BS.


Seriously impressive. :fire:

How do you do this? I’ve never seen that functionality in TP. I’m a paid member.