Crux x 2 wheelsets vs dedicated road bike

I saw conti race kings on one recently and they fit… that will be my big sugar tire no doubt.

hmm would love to see pics. can’t imagine they clear much in back. assuming its the 2.0 and not 2.2 version? ie. no black chilli compound?

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The 2.2 Protection fits in the front. The 2.0 Performance will fit in the back. I did briefly try the 2.2 Performance in the rear (ordered the wrong one by mistake) and it should fit if you shave off all the hairs (returning the tire so didn’t do this). This is with a 404 FC rims.

I didn’t measure the RKs, but 47 Pathfinders measure true to 47 for me at 40lbs on the 404s.

If I am not comfortable with how the 2.2 fits the rear, I will probably run the 2.2 Protection in the front and the 2.0 Performance in the rear for Big Sugar.

Would be nice if Conti would release at 2.0 Protection.

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Slightly off topic, but does running 2x on the Crux reduce the tyre clearance compared to 1x??

And are there any restrictions on chainring size. I’d probably be either keeping the original 40t single ring or swapping to a 48/35 SRAM chainset.

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2x Sram reduces the clearance to 42mm.


Thanks @KevinKlaes. Interesting how 2x Shimano doesn’t reduce clearance. Might be time for a new groupset :wink:

I’ve got 12 Speed Ultegra Di2 on my Crux and I have had no problem running Thunderburt 2.1’s in the rear. I found this super interesting because I couldn’t even clear a 47mm pathfinder with Ultegra Di2 on my Mog, so that bike went back to a mullet. The issue with normal Sram is the battery on the FD.


Yeah, that will be my problem the battery on the SRAM FD. I had hoped I could go bigger than 47mm, so that’s good to know it’s possible if I don’t affect clearance fitting a SRAM FD!

FYI, you can change your regular AXS front derailleur to a WIDE front derailleur just by swapping the FD clamp. All of the AXS FDs (at least the D1 generation) are braze ons that come with a specific clamp spacing.
My LBS was able to confirm and order the correct one from SRAM (note that this took some back and forth with SRAM) and they installed it for me (you’ll need to re-do the alignment process when you change the clamp).

Look closely at the image:

From this SRAM page


I run a 44 x 10-52 on a wide Rival crank for that reason, the cadence jumps are noticable but I can get a massive tire on the bike. I think light frames on big tires will be the future for American Gravel.

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