#crossiscoming (aka CROSS IS COMING)

I think everyone in vet40 breathed a sigh of relief when Nick Craig moved up to vet50 :laughing:.
I watched a round of the Nat trophy at Ardingly a couple of years ago. A bunch of continental guys raced the main race (Tys Aerts won). Nick raced as well, having won the vet50 the day before and was mixing it up with them. Came 10th if memory serves me right.


You should so do a trophy yourself. It’s gridded on national ranking points so you’ll be in a group of similar abilities on the start line. It’s a mega atmosphere and the courses tend to be a lot muddier as there will have been practice sessions the day before.
It’s a fantastically rewarding experience.

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If you are looking for CX races in Virginia, we are about to release the VACX schedule for this year. A good amount of races in the Richmond and Hampton Roads areas. Should be between 8-10 races in the series, so plenty of opportunities to race.


The schedule is mostly complete, just a few races that currently have tentative dates, that are happening, they just don’t have a specific date picked yet. Expect 8-10 total races with two, 2 day race weekends with Go Cross and NNCX. Season starts September 18th and should end mid December.

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We havent gotten a ton of rain, so that side of the park should be dry and fast. If rain picks up expect there to be a muddy wet slogging section. Marathons should be fine, very little to worry about and by the end of the first lap you will know the sections to be cautious in.

If you’ve never done it before be aware of the creek crossing. Last time it was literally an extension ladder with some plywood over it.

I did forget to include the master’s category(s), so add those on to what I said above.

Awesome! I’ll be there as well. It’s a good race. Bummed they can’t do two days this year but I get it.

Depending on where you are, Charm City Cx in Baltimore is October 2,3. It’s another really great race weekend. There’s always a few races in western Maryland as well.

See you out there!

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Thanks Spots. Rode the course yesterday morning. Typical of riding at Poca, I got lost twice. Doubled back on myself on the first lap and missed the creek crossing on the second lap. Was suprised at how well the Marathons did.

Creek crossing wasn’t bad, it was only almost hub deep in the deepest part. The course was much sandier than I expected so I expect to foot down a few times. Found a downed maple tree across the trail on Roper near the Bright Hope. Tried to move it out of the way but it became apparent a chain saw was necessary.

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Just got some new running shoes. Now to lumber around the block!

  • I’m still doing my road training, and will be doing so until about mid-August. If all goes well, our season should start second weekend in Sept and goes until first weekend in November, so plenty time to prep.
  • What workouts? Currently long weekends (generally one ride of 3-6hrs and one 2-3hrs ) of endurance. Two fast paced weekday group rides (1-1:15), and two recovery rides (1-1.5hrs)
  • What training plan? I’ve coach, so he’ll switch over to more CX specific workouts.
  • What races? Ready to pull the trigger on Jingle Cross if I can figure out which category to register for. Otherwise, whatever happens locally.

Question about Jingle Cross (and any other US based races) from a Canadian - what category do I register for? I’ll have a Cat 4 Masters UCI license (I’ll be 39 this year), so I’m guessng my choices are “Open 39 and under” and “Category 4”? What is the difference between Open and Cat 4? Locally we have A (Road Cat 1/2/3), B (Road Cat 4), and C (Road Cat 5) CX races. We have Open and Citizen, which is generally entered by people that don’t traditionally race and just want an experience - is it the same down south?

For those in the Virginia/ Mid-Atlantic area, here is currently what we have for the VACX Schedule. Plan your training accordingly.

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I’m looking at 10 races for myself, in theory I could do 16 races, I tend to not go to western MA for stuff since it’s like a 2hr drive each way. If I have any high level of success I’ll gladly rethink this lol

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That’s pretty far south of me (I’m up in Alexandria). But the Mabra calendar is starting to get filled up with races in the DC area. Yippee!

So having never ridden my cross bike off road (it’s been setup with GP4000’s on Mavic Pro’s), I got some Ritchey clincher cross tires on it and went out for an off road ride today.

I have Jeremy Power’s old Cross Camp video on Vimeo, and even though it’s a few years old, all the skill stuff still applies. They’re running canti’s, not disk brakes, but other than that it’s all the same. In the video Jeremy recommends starting off with just practicing mounting and unmounting. Get used to the feel of clipping in and out and swinging your leg over and back, etc

All I worked on today was the mount and dismount, and here are my observations.

  1. Unclipping and swinging my leg over and back and clipping back in wasn’t a big deal. But dropping down into the run was hard if I didn’t time it right. Jeremy recommends slowing down a lot for the run and I was hitting it way too fast, causing me to sprint and wear myself out.

  2. The running remount was hit and miss. Definitely the next big skill to work on. Some of them I hit fine, others I was too slow or too fast and was weaving around like a drunken soldier.

  3. Pedaling in the grass is hard work! I’m older (53), overweight (goal 142lbs, currently at 184lbs), and low FTP (150), I’m going to get blown off the course in a real race. So my goals have changed from even finishing a CX race to just starting 4 races this year. That’s it. Start them and see how far I get.

  4. It’s not about the bike. Ha, ha! Now that we’ve gotten that lie out of the way…My old 2006 Redline with V-brakes and mixed bag of components has two upgrades coming for it; light tubular wheels I got a deal on and full carbon Ritchie canti fork. Should shave off a few pounds while I’m shaving pounds off of me.

  5. It was 95 degrees and high humidity today - 3 laps around the little park and I was wasted. Good reminder to bring some hydration next time.

Anyway, quick pic of the blue beast…


Open <40 is any category as long as you’re young enough. The cat 4 is anyone with a cat license, any age.

I did the jingle 3-race series 2 years ago in the cat 4 <40, and it was a blast. There were a lot of different ways to enter up as I recall, and haven’t looked at this year’s options yet.

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I just registered for Trek Cup and will be racing single speed on Friday and Saturday.


If you’re going send me a message, would love to meet you.

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The trick is it’s not really a running remount. Think of it is as more a purposeful step pattern. Left right left slide into saddle(not jump). The thigh should make contact with the saddle before you leave the ground.


FWIW I know there are lots of CX skills videos (including JPow’s) but I like this one from Cameron Mason for the clear explanation and slow mo examples:


Ah, this is good too - thanks.

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Yea, good point. I need to slow it down on my next practice.